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Shanxiang postman in the hot sun over ten kilometers to send letters hiking to save money

Shanxiang postman in the hot sun over the mountain ten kilometers to send letters hiking to save the money diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-07-04

At 6 o'clock in the morning, I went to Yukengkou Village, Zhangcun Township, Jiangshan City, and Yang Caijun, a postman from the Changtai Post Office, set foot on the postal route.
This black man, who is less than 1.7 meters tall, is 40 years old this year. The body is conspicuous, weighing up to 30 pounds of postal packages. He is one of the two postman mailers in Jiangshan City. He walks at least 30 kilometers a day on the mountain road, runs through more than 20 natural villages, and sends newspapers and letters to the villagers.
10 km from the mountains in the hot sun
The mountains in the morning were particularly cool, and the grass with high calf height was covered with dew, and soon wet the upper. The cement road at the foot of which has not reached the end of 5 kilometers has reached the end. To reach it smoothly, we must walk nearly 10 kilometers across Dameiling, which is 1,000 meters above sea level.
Lao Yang, who led the way in the past, said that he took part in the work in 1992 and he has been doing this for more than 20 years. My father Yang Xifu was a village postman. Because his father had severe arthritis, he had to intermittently send letters after graduating from junior high school. For more than 20 years, Yang Caijun sent at least 27,000 flat letters, and the distances of the walk-delivered letters can add up to 5 rounds of the earth.
The mountain road is rugged and difficult to walk. It is possible to roll down the hill if it is inadvertent. Lao Yang continued to use a sickle to cut open the prickly plant. Sharp leaves and small thorns left a red mark on his arm. “This is a plant that wants to leave a guest. It grows too fast and it is cut every few days.”
As the grass gets deeper and deeper, people can hide it from heights, and irregular branches often block the way. Because the reporter's foot was slow and she walked for two hours, we hadn't turned over one-third of Da Mei Ling. The sweat continued to seep from Lao Yang's forehead. He embarrassed to remind me, "Slightly faster, the road is harder to go after the sun rises."
Hiking on foot to save money
At 10:40, we arrived at the top of the hill and all the clothes were wet on the back. Because I could not get used to the mountain, my legs trembled. On the way down the mountain, the sun was even more dazzling, and the scalp began to become hot, and people became irritated. Yang Caijun took out homemade bitter tea, urged me to drink two more, and painted cool oil on the back of the ears, saying that this prevents heatstroke. Looking at the postal packet of 30 pounds on his shoulder, I picked up my heart and accelerated my pace.
At 11:50, Damei Village finally reached the foot of the mountain. Dan Bingxing, a 50-year-old villager from Damei Village, cheerfully took over the newspaper and wanted us to have lunch. “We all took him as a brother. He was always embarrassed to leave behind.” Shi Bingxing said.
Lao Yang made an exception today to take a rest at Old Stone House. Before he had time to drink tea, he was ready to go. He told me that if Damei Village does not turn over Dameiling, it will take 25km along Panshan Highway. Within a day's time, it is sure to send incomplete letters. The road to the mountain will be harder and he will walk within two hours. To Damei Village, it is to send today's letter.
The 25-km Panshan Highway uses only 1.5 hours of motorbikes. I asked Lao Yang why he did not send a letter on a motorcycle? Lao Yang said he has not dared to buy a motorcycle so far. As soon as a letter is delivered, it takes at least 15 to 20 yuan to drive a motorcycle. His monthly income is only 1,000 yuan, which is uneconomical. "Hiking on the mountain, more than a month is a pair of scrapped liberation shoes."
The person in charge of the Jiangshan City Post Office told me that if this single postal route alone loses 15,000 yuan each year, it is incapable of helping Lao Yang with the car.
The "universal people" in the eyes of the villagers
At 1pm, I and Lao Yang took the road again. We followed the road and walked through Xiaonankeng, Zuokengkou, Dajiankeng, Bangkeng, Tianqingpeng and Xiaomeikou natural villages. Everywhere he went, besides sending letters and delivering newspapers, some villagers also handed over the miscellaneous things of recharging mobile phones, sending parcels, and depositing and withdrawing money. The old people would also ask him to buy some oil and salt sauce.
"The excess cash of our mountain people will also bring him to deposit. He knows the card number and password. Even the receipt does not have to be taken." Liao Mingfa of Xiaonankeng Village said that in the eyes of villagers, Yang Caijun is almost universal.
Walking to Xiaomeikou Village, it is already 3pm. Yang Caijun's bare skin was glowing black under the infiltration of sweat. He would have walked for 78 kilometers to return to Yukengkou Village. Taking into account the already exhausted reporters, he took a bus together. 7.5 yuan, which is already a luxury for him.
Yang Caijun said that he has always been observing the rules that a postman should follow—in a short period of time, he sends newspapers and letters to villagers’ houses. In his cell phone, he has a song he likes, “Come away,” “I don’t know how sad the world is, why don’t you walk away...” On the way, Lao Yang gently followed and hoped that his legs could always be Go coolly.
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