May 08, 2021

How to use the multimeter correctly

The multimeter is used to measure the voltage and determine the continuity of the circuit, widely used by the public, but there are many errors in the use of the process, often leading to damage to the multimeter. How to use it properly and protect it, the author thinks should pay attention to several points: First, should be flat when used, the pointer refers to zero, if the pointer does not refer to zero, need to zero; Second, according to the measurement object to switch to the required The gear position; The third is to select the appropriate measurement range; fourth is to measure the DC voltage, the positive and negative polarity must be clearly distinguished; Fifth, when the switch in the current gear, the two probes can not be directly connected to the power supply; After each test, the switch should be turned to measure the high voltage position; seven is the multimeter can not be subjected to vibration, heat, moisture and so on.

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