June 22, 2021

"Oil and Chemical Business Culture" Issue

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At a time when China Petrochemical and Chemical Industry's 2nd Corporate Culture Promotion Conference was held at Jilin Petrochemical Company, on June 25th, the China Chemical News published the theme of “The Enterprise Needs to Create Cultural Souls and Strong Industries Need Soft Power”. Oil and Chemical Corporate Culture Special Issue. The "special issue" is widely distributed throughout the country.

The publication of the "Special Issue" aims to respond to the strategic call for building a "culturally strong country" proposed by the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee. It comprehensively displays the outstanding corporate culture construction achievements of China's petroleum and chemical companies in recent years, and counts companies in the petroleum and chemical industries. The status quo and trend of cultural construction highlight the support and contribution of advanced culture to the development of enterprises, and summarize the typical experiences of model units and outstanding units in the industry.

The "Special Issue" includes two parts, a comprehensive article and a corporate article. In addition to comprehensive interviews with corporate culture experts in the petrochemical sector, the comprehensive section also categorizes the corporate culture of the petrochemical industry with cultural elements such as harmony, brand, integrity, responsibility, quality, innovation, safety, and environmental protection. The companies in the industry with outstanding cultural characteristics will give key reports and analyze the impact of advanced culture on the competitiveness of enterprises.

In the "Special Issue", many outstanding enterprises were used as cultural cases to analyze and promote them in comprehensive reports. Nearly 30 enterprises with excellent traditions and distinctive cultures focused on their respective experiences and achievements. Relevant person in charge of the Sinochem Political Research Association stated that the publication of the “special issue” is expected to make the advanced corporate culture known to the industry, used by the society, and transformed into practical productivity in a wide range of areas to promote the sound and rapid development of the petrochemical industry.

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