June 22, 2021

Analysis of Market Status of CNC Machine Tool Accessories Industry

2012 can be said to be the most difficult year for China's machine tool accessories. The financial crisis has had a profound impact on China's machine tool industry. Various policies have also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool parts companies and encouraged continuous development in the crisis. To seek development, due to the impact of the economic crisis, the overall market for machine tool accessories has shrunk, and the requirements of users have become more stringent. Together with the competitive pressures of foreign major machine tool companies, the domestic related enterprise market has faced great risks.

Faced with the serious impact of the financial crisis in 2012, under the correct guidance of the central government policy, China's machine tool industry still maintained a growth situation, and for the first time became the world's largest machine tool manufacturing country. China has become the world's largest machine tool manufacturing country does not mean that China's machine tool technology has leapt to the top in the world. Although China's machine tool industry ranks first in the world, but in terms of comprehensive, we still have a big gap, there is very The long distance requires us to catch up step by step.

To achieve a manufacturing power, China must continue to adjust its industrial structure and continue to innovate independently. Continuously improving and continuously upgrading, the central government has also made a lot of policy measures, and made a series of targeted measures to vigorously carry out economic restructuring in 2012 and improve quality and efficiency. The country’s macro support has given China’s machine tools Accessories bring good opportunities.

Today, although China's machine tool industry ranks first in the world, it is still the world's largest importer. China's high-end machine tools are mainly based on imports. Although we have a very good industrial chain, we have the disadvantage of high-end quality. Machine tool products, these all show that we must accelerate the pace of innovation and upgrading of machine tool technology, which will also become the most important task of China's manufacturing industry.

Of course, these must be coordinated by our country's policies and enterprises, strengthen management, seek breakthroughs, and constantly make breakthroughs. Constantly innovate and strive to usher in a comprehensive and comprehensive growth of the machine tool accessories industry in 2012.

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