May 08, 2021

European Union Label Law Introduces Half Chinese Tires Not to Meet Requirements

As we all know, China is the world's largest tire-producing country, its production accounts for about 1/3 of the world's total tire production, and production capacity is still growing. From 2009 to 2011, the number of tires exported to the EU by China accounted for 15.15%, 16.31% and 18.43% of the total export volume of tires. The export value has increased year by year.

A survey conducted by the First Financial Research Institute commissioned by LANXESS indicated that with the shift of the world's tire manufacturing centers to the Asian market led by China, it is expected that the Chinese tire manufacturing industry will maintain a rapid growth rate in the next few years. However, most of the products of Chinese tire companies are mainly low-end and occupy the market with cost-effectiveness.

The development of "green tires" in China started relatively late and it has only begun to transform and develop environmental protection rubber products in recent years. According to statistics, the rolling resistance of domestic passenger car tires is mostly grades E and F, and most of them temporarily meet the minimum requirements of the first stage of the EU Tire Labeling Act, but a considerable proportion of products cannot meet the minimum requirements of the EU's second phase. Worryingly, Shanghai Tyre & Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd.'s investigation and analysis of national heavy-duty tires shows that currently about 30% of heavy-duty tires do not meet the minimum requirements for rolling resistance in the first stage of the EU Tire Labeling Act, 70%. Not reach the EU's second phase minimum requirements.

It is understood that the tire labeling method puts high demands on the manufacturing process of tires, especially the production of high-performance rubber. The EU has become an important market for China's tire exports. The implementation of this regulation will have a significant impact on domestic exports to the European Union’s tires. In the long run, the new EU regulations will challenge the Chinese tire industry.

The EU Tire Labelling Law covers all vehicle tires. This regulation regulates the tire's fuel economy (ie, tire rolling resistance requirements), wet grip level, and road noise level 3 performance. According to different levels, use black labels to indicate. According to reports, the above three values ​​are important values ​​for environmental protection and safety performance. This kind of label is similar to the energy-saving label attached to the electrical products. The first two values ​​are classified according to A, B, C, D, etc. The latter is marked with decibels. According to the regulations, EU member states will impose heavy fines if they discover that the tire factory has fabricated data labels.

According to analysts in the industry, in view of the new situation, relevant tire companies should thoroughly study regulatory requirements and industry standards, make full use of the forceful mechanism formed by the current market changes, and rapidly respond to the changing needs of customers of foreign orders. At the same time, foreign advanced technology should be learned, tires' independent technology research and development level should be improved, quality control system and project inspection platform should be improved, export brands with independent intellectual property rights should be cultivated, and independent brand marketing network system should be established. We must also vigorously explore new emerging markets whose export potential remains to be explored, establish a decentralized overall business strategy, and open up a bright road for exports.

It is reported that at present some domestic enterprises are already actively preparing. Shuang Qiang shares have been labeling after July 1st; the tires sold by Fengshen Co., Ltd. can reach the EU standards; S-Glen tires can reach the first phase of the EU standard, and the second phase is still under evaluation.


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