May 07, 2021

Guodian Feixian Company successfully completes the technical transformation project for the installation of inverters for coal mills

On March 30th, Guodian Feixian Power Generation Company No. 1 unit started operation of the 1B coal mill inverter in the entire group startup process after the B-level maintenance and realized the oil-free ignition of the boiler. This marked the success of the company's self-implemented retrofitting of coal mills with frequency converter technology, creating conditions for further expansion of the unit's energy-saving space.

Feixian company's two unit boilers are all equipped with plasma ignition devices, but due to the boiler mill minimum output of 20 tons, when the unit starts, due to the boiler heating rate limit, the boiler can not achieve oil-free ignition, must be fueled combustion ignition. Once the unit starts a fuel only for combustion, it will cost 100,000 yuan. The company's production technology department carefully summed up the experience of frequency conversion technology transformation of important auxiliary machines, such as blower and induced draft fan, and boldly proposed a technical transformation program for installing a frequency converter for the coal mill. It is envisaged that the speed of the coal mill can be achieved by adding an inverter. Adjustment, lower coal mill output, so as to achieve oil-free ignition of the boiler.

The implementation of frequency conversion technology for the coal-fired boiler coal-burning machine has no experience in the domestic power generation industry. Feixian company organized electrical professional and technical personnel to carry out technical research, after repeated demonstration, testing, on the basis of achieving good results, this year will be Unit 1 B mill coal converter transformation as a unit B-level maintenance of the key technical transformation projects. During the debugging process, the electrical technicians strictly followed the load placed on the inverter for the heavy-duty equipment status and debugged all the logic to ensure that the transformation of the No. 1 unit B coal mill inverter was successful.

At the same time, after the efforts of the technicians, the company realized the “parallel connection” of the No. 1 unit B coal mill inverter and the No. 2 unit B coal mill and implemented the “one belt and two” operation mode to ensure that the two units were In the future, the boiler can achieve oil-free ignition. The company's next step will continue to track and study the energy-saving and coal-saving effects of adding coal-fired inverters to the coal mills to further expand the company's energy-saving space.

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