May 07, 2021

Zoomlion wants to enter the field of heavy trucks

Hunan News Network According to Huasheng Online - Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reported that on June 29, Zoomlion held its 2011 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Zhan Chunxin, Chairman of Zoomlion, led the China United team of high-level executives to participate collectively. Zhan Chunxin said that China United sells environmental sanitation assets because of the fierce competition in the leading products of environmental sanitation and the low gross margin of products, while entering sanitation operations is also constrained by factors such as large investment and long return period. In addition, Vanda’s sanitation assets do not have factory buildings. If a new industrial park is built, it will cost 3 billion yuan, sell it out and earn 32 billion yuan, and sell it at 11 times the price-earnings ratio. The price is more appropriate.

According to reports, by 2015, Zoomlion will need 50,000 to 70,000 heavy trucks. With its own advantages, Zoomlion will enter the heavy truck field. When talking about rumors and cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, Zhan Chunxin said: "Zhonglian heavy trucks do not currently cooperate with Mercedes-Benz, but Zhonglian heavy trucks have the intention to cooperate with international brands, and have expressed their cooperation intentions to some international giants. But they have not really Negotiations on cooperation between companies are being carried out.” At the same time, he also said: “The heavy truck team is introduced. To continue to grow, Zoomlion must introduce professional talents.”

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