June 22, 2021

Two girls ran into a bicycle with a bicycle

Two girls with a bicycle hit the car was claimed thousand yuan diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-26

Yesterday morning, at the Chiqiao intersection in Fuzhou, two little girls graduating from elementary school rode a bicycle and collided with a small car. The two girls suffered facial bruises. After the girl's parents arrived, the police said that the owner of the vehicle had instead claimed the child and later fled; the car driver said that his car had been scraped and the child was not allowed to leave, but the child left without hesitating to walk away.
The two injured female students were both 12 years old. At the scene, the reporter saw that the faces of the two girls were bruised on the concrete floor, and Xiaolan, who was seriously injured, was almost disfigured.
According to Xiaohui of the bicycle, about 9:50 am, she rides a bicycle. Xiaolan sits in the back seat of the bicycle. At a three-passenger drive, he sees a silver car approaching.
"Because it is downhill, I brake myself, but I haven't stopped and still rush forward." Xiaohui said that when the bicycle hit the left side of the car, he lost his focus and rushed to the rear of the car along the body. Both fell down on the road.
Later, Xiaolan’s father, Mr. Li, arrived at the scene and called the police. He told reporters: “Moreover, the pupils who are still injured by the drivers have to pay a thousand dollars to scare them out of the police. The driver who ran the accident ran away.”
Mr. Li had heard this statement at first, which was from the owner of the convenience store, Ms. Hao, not far from the scene of the accident. The two girls arrived at the convenience store after the accident and tried to rinse the blood of their faces with water. Ms. Hao said she was sleeping, heard the cry, and walked out of the house. "When you do business, you don't like people to cry in your own shop." She asked about it. The little girl said that she was hit by a car at the front of the road, but the other party claimed 1,000 yuan, but she did not dare to call the police.
Ms. Hao said that she also has almost similar girls. When she sees that the bruises on her face may disfigured, she asks if she has any phone calls. The little girl shouted a headache. Ms. Hao found the phone call of her father, Mr. Li, on the phone book of the little girl. He relayed the story and Mr. Li rushed to the scene.
Is this not the case? When the reporter sought confirmation from the two girls at the scene, the two little girls hugged. The other party, the driver of the silver car, denied that he had threatened the child to pay 1,000 yuan. After the parents alarmed, he rushed to the scene again. He said that because someone was injured, it was a bit blind. The child had asked him not to call 110, but also wanted to escape from the scene, he asked the children can not go, because the patrol has not yet arrived, and the insurance company's phone has not yet hit. He had an alarm at the scene but he did not expect that he was talking to a colleague on the roadside. The two children told him not to pay attention and escaped on a bicycle. Because he saw that the car was not knocked off, he left the scene.
The civilian police of Jin'an Jiaotong Police Brigade confirmed that the car driver had called the police when the incident occurred and said that his car was scratched by a child. The parents of the children also called the police an hour later, saying that the vehicle was escaping. There may be misunderstandings between the two. The accident vehicle has been temporarily detained and further investigations have been conducted.
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