June 22, 2021

Beidou navigation technology will bring changes to the automotive navigation industry in the future

"Productivity determines the relations of production, and the development of productive forces determines the transformation of relations of production." Yes, society is always full of changes, and advanced science and technology are leading the way in which humanity advances. History is a symbol. In the listener's ear, it only wanders gently, but in the heart of the experiencer it is prolonged. At the car console, people in the cassette machine era might be excited about the wonderful notes they made. They can turn around and it is time for AVN navigation.

At present, the domestic car navigation system is highly dependent on the United States Global Positioning System GPS, but with the release of Beidou Satellite Navigation System officially providing trial operation service signals at the end of 2011, we can easily read that Beidou System Navigation is used in the era of transformation in the automotive field. advent. Each change is a concentrated outbreak, and each outbreak is the result of long-term accumulation. Beidou navigation system is the result of independent research and development by the country. From covering Asia to the whole world, from the military field to civilian use, Beidou is getting closer and closer to us. In February 2012, the world’s first “Beidou + GPS” dual system car navigation was released by Huayang Automotive Electronics.

With the aid of space-side satellites, ground-side signal towers, and terminal receivers, Beidou vehicle navigation can run smoothly. Navigation host built-in Beidou navigation unique module group, the "environment" in the host and GPS are not very different. Like many electronic products, different systems have different interfaces. The difference in product vision is the easiest for users to identify and experience. The signal performance icons of the Beidou system's car navigation are highly recognizable on the interface. In terms of functional experience, "short messages" will be the best place for Beidou users to experience their differences from GPS. In the event of an emergency and no signal, owners can send 40-60 Chinese characters at a time to send distress signals and be targeted by the Beidou. Send location information to the service center and take rescue action.

Of course, with the autonomous process of navigation and positioning system, we can have a good expectation in the first place in terms of positioning accuracy. In fact, Huayang released the "Beidou + GPS" dual-mode navigation through differential enhancement, positioning accuracy can reach 3 meters, better than ordinary GPS positioning accuracy. At present, Huayang is working with Wuhan University on high-precision positioning of automotive navigation applications with a target accuracy of up to 1 meter. As the Beidou Navigation Driven by the State, the corresponding car navigation terminal and map software information providers will have a broader support space in the R&D and design, and have better conditions for resource integration to jointly promote Beidou's civilian navigation process.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. At present, China’s international role is “manufacturing a big country” and it is still a long way from being a “powerful country with science and technology”. This feature is even more pronounced in the automotive sector. However, we may be able to look forward to today's car owners using the navigation to identify the traffic situation faster by using navigation. Maybe tomorrow is a "unmanned" safety car. Social change requires technological innovation. Every time there are changes in the system, there will always be pain, but the natural laws of having children will not change.

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