September 26, 2021

Electric blast drying box use matters

Electric blast drying box use matters 1. After connecting the power, you can turn on the 2 sets of heating switch, and then set the temperature of the control instrument button to your desired temperature. The indicator light is on, and the blower switch can be turned on at the same time to make the blower work.

2. The indicator light goes out when the temperature rises to the desired temperature. At the beginning of the constant temperature, the temperature may continue to rise. This is the effect of residual heat, and this phenomenon will tend to stabilize in about half an hour. In the constant temperature process, automatic temperature control is achieved by means of a temperature control box, without manual management.

3. At a constant temperature, a group of heating switches can be turned off, leaving only one set of heaters to work to avoid excessive power and affecting the sensitivity of the constant temperature.

4. The box should be placed at an indoor level.

5. A knife switch for the iron case should be installed in the power supply line for this case and the case should be grounded.

6. Please check the electrical performance of this box before power on, and pay attention to whether there is open circuit or leakage.

7. When everything is ready, you can place the sample, close the door, and unscrew the top exhaust valve. At this point, you can connect to the power and start working.

8. Do not arbitrarily remove the side door, disturb or change the line, but can only remove the side door when the box fails, check one by one according to the line. If there is a major fault, you can contact the factory.

9. This box is not explosion-proof drying box, so with flammable volatile materials, do not put in the drying box, so as to avoid explosion.

10. Each drying box is accompanied by two shelves for the test product. The average load of each shelf is 15 kilograms. Do not overtighten and overload the sample when it is placed so as not to affect the convection of hot air. At the same time, the test piece should not be placed on the bottom heat sink of the studio to prevent overheating and damage the test sample. If the test pen or the power adapter is damaged and needs to be replaced, the test pen and power adapter of the same model and the same electrical specifications must be replaced. Do not use the instrument when the battery indicator indicates that the power is exhausted. If you do not use the instrument for a long time, remove the battery and store it.

Do not store or use this instrument in a hot, humid, flammable, explosive, and strong electromagnetic environment.

Use a damp cloth or detergent to clean the instrument case. Do not use abrasives or solvents.

When the instrument is wet, dry it and store it.


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