July 30, 2021

Due to compensation requirements, husband and wife refused to stick to the old house and hydropower station

Due to compensation requirements, husband and wife failed to stick to the old house and hydropower fully stop high-rise diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-22

Sixty-year couple adhered to "islands" for more than three years
Because the compensation has not reached an agreement with the demolition party, the next old building has been built still live in the old house
(Shandong) Jintai Royal Court, near Donghu Lake, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, was built in 2009 and has been basically completed. However, in the central part of the project, an elderly couple over 60 years of age still lives here. The surrounding area has become a construction site and the water and electricity in the family have been cut off. However, it has not been satisfied because of their failure to meet the compensation requirements. "I did not move here.
On March 19, the reporter went to the construction site of Jintai Yuyuan and saw the house where cattle pass silver was surrounded by the construction site.
The soil around the house has been excavated, forming a trench of five or six meters in depth. The house is like an isolated island. There is only a small road to reach. Outside the earth ditch is the construction site, the reinforced concrete structure of the building foundation is clearly visible, and then the outside is a basic high-rise building has been built, the cattle pass silver home in the middle.
The reporter walked down the path to the home of Niu Chuanyin and had not approached yet. The dog at the door of the house called up. Niu Chuanyin’s home was locked, with Fu characters and a Spring Festival couplet on the door. There was a water tank full of water outside the door, a simple toilet, and the side of the door was still air-washed. Workers on the construction site told the reporter that Niu Chuanyin and his wife usually go out during the day, but they will return home every night.
On the evening of March 19, the reporter saw Niu Chuanyin and his wife Zhang Zhongyun. Niu Chuanyin told reporters that his house is a two-story house with a total area of ​​720 square meters. At the beginning, the price of the house was between 300 yuan and 500 yuan per square meter. He wanted to demolition with a price of 500 yuan but he did not get consent, and he just started thinking. What was needed was the house. The other party did not agree and the two sides stagnated.
Niu Chuanyin told reporters that the second floor of the house had been demolished and the water and electricity had been cut off. Many people also asked him to talk about compensation, but it has not been resolved. "Now, I need three houses, 110 square meters each," said Niu Chuanyin. In addition to the house, Niu Chuanyin also requested a total of RMB 1.09 million in compensation, of which 1 million was the demolition of the house, and the remaining 90,000 were spiritual compensation for him and his wife. Niu Chuanyin said that his wife had suffered two injuries during the demolition process. Five dogs were poisoned before and after their home.
In view of the situation of cattle pass silver, the reporter contacted the developer of Jintai Yuyuan, a manager of Liu Xing said that the conditions for cattle pass silver are not acceptable to them, and the government departments have repeatedly helped to coordinate and have no results. Yongan Township government staff said they did not understand the situation. The reporter once again came to the demolition office in Zaozhuang City. Two staff members in the office said that the leaders were not there. They were temporarily transferred and were not clear about the specific situation.
It is understood that Jintai Yuyuan is a building built for a certain unit and many workers have transferred the house to others for suspicion of the project being too slow.
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