June 22, 2021

Chongqing equipment manufacturing products will be labeled "green manufacturing"

The author learned from Jiangjin District yesterday that an expert review meeting for the "Chongqing National Green Equipment Manufacturing High-tech Industrialization Base" was recently held in Jiangjin. The experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology agreed unanimously to pass the demonstration of the construction of a high-tech industrialization base for green equipment manufacturing in Jiangjin District. It is expected that the brand will be officially awarded during the year, which marks the birth of the city's first green equipment manufacturing base, and Chongqing's equipment manufacturing products will be affixed with “green manufacturing” for the first time.

The green manufacturing base passed the review. “In the industrial output value of Jiangjin, the proportion of equipment manufacturing industry is relatively large. After two years of preparation, the Jiangjin District green equipment manufacturing high-tech base has finally passed the evaluation of the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology.” Jiangjin District Branch Shen Xiaoling, chief of the Committee of Science and Technology Development Department, said that in recent days, Jiangjin District Industrial Park has received the review of experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the experts agreed to pass it and affirmed the development of Jiangjin's green equipment manufacturing high-tech industrialization.

The base was established on the basis of Chongqing Jiangjin Industrial Park. It is one of the first batch of 16 provincial-level industrial parks approved by Chongqing Municipality and one of the 100 billion industrial parks that was planned and constructed. It was awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a “National New Industrialization”. Industrial demonstration base" title. The base has a planned area of ​​31.83 square kilometers. With the German sense as the core, it will radiate the two groups of Shuangfu and Zhai.

At present, the total number of base equipment manufacturing enterprises is 243, of which 108 are above-scale enterprises. There are 7 national-level high-tech enterprises, 2 national-level technology centers, 9 municipal-level technical centers in Chongqing, 1450 people in science and technology, and green. The output value of the equipment manufacturing industry has exceeded 40% of the total output value of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Equipment products will be posted "green manufacturing"

Shen Xiaoling introduced to the writer that the so-called green equipment manufacturing base refers to the concept of green environmental protection throughout the management, production, and R&D processes. It is estimated that during the year, the city’s equipment manufacturing products will be labeled “green manufacturing” for the first time.

Shen Xiaoling said that under the premise of ensuring the function, quality, and cost of products in "green manufacturing," a modern manufacturing model that comprehensively considers environmental impact and resource efficiency, and through product innovation and system optimization, products are designed and manufactured. In the whole life cycle process, such as logistics, use, recycling, dismantling and reuse, it has the least impact on the environment, the highest utilization of resources and energy, the least harm to human health and society, and the coordinated optimization of the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

According to relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the evaluation of the base will have a far-reaching significance for substantially improving the green manufacturing process, technology and capabilities of the Jiangjin equipment manufacturing industry, and even the development of the city’s green equipment manufacturing industry. Related departments will also give policy support to promote the development of China's green equipment manufacturing industry.

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