June 22, 2021

Breakthrough in China's Hydrocracking Technology

The hydrocracking catalyst (PHC-03) independently researched and developed by the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute (PHC-03) was successfully launched last time in Daqing Petrochemical's 1.2 million tonne/year hydrocracking unit. It took 17 hours to produce qualified products. This is China Petroleum Refining. Another major technological breakthrough in the development of the full range of catalysts.
The results of industrial installations show that the technical indicators of the catalyst fully meet the requirements of the device, and the production of diesel, light and heavy naphtha, hydrocracking tail oil and other product indicators have reached the relevant standards. The straight-run wax oil feedstock was processed under the conditions of an average temperature of the cracking reactor of 368° C., a reaction pressure of 13.5 MPa, a hydrogen oil volume ratio of 1200:1, and a cracking agent volume space velocity of 1.5/hr, and the heavy naphtha yield was 24.92%. The nitrogen content is less than 0.5 μg/g and the aromatics potential content is 42.5%. It is a high-quality reforming feed; the diesel yield is 44.06%, the cetane index is 73.4, and the sulphur and nitrogen content is less than 2 μg/g, meeting the Euro V diesel standard; Tail oil yield 26.37%, BMCI value of 4.5, is a high quality ethylene cracking raw materials. Production data shows that the catalyst fully meets the needs of production technology.
According to reports, hydrocracking technology marks the level of hydrogenation technology. Its key and core catalysts have been monopolized by foreign countries. After 10 years of research and development of this catalyst, researchers have undergone small-scale trials, pilot-scale trials, tonnage trial production, and 12 kinds of working conditions simulation evaluation, and innovatively developed molecular sieve synthesis, modification and compounding technologies to solve cracking and The technical problems of rational matching of hydrogenation function, the developed catalyst has the characteristics of good activity, high selectivity, and strong activity stability, which ensures the product yield, product distribution and product quality of hydrocracking, and ultimately formed the independence of China Petroleum. Intellectual property hydrocracking technology.

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