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Mini sprinkler

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Introduction to Encyclopedia
Micro-sprinklers are also known as spray trucks, multi-function sprinklers, landscaping sprinklers, water tankers, and water trucks. Sprinklers are suitable for all kinds of road flushing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, construction of roads, factories and mines, and high-rise building flushing. With sprinkler, dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, guardrail flushing and other functions

Structure and description
The basic components of the mini-sprinkler: rust-proof tank, power take-off, drive shaft, special self-priming sprinkler, pipe network, spray outlet, working platform, second-class chassis. Sprinkler optional configuration: GPS, universal Sprinkler, electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve, visual operating system, external power, disc.
First, the chassis
The chassis of special vehicles generally uses Dongfeng, Jiefang, Futian Auman and other types of chassis. Currently widely used are "Dongfeng Micro Sprinkler, Dongfeng Doolika Sprinkler, Dongfeng 140 Sprinkler (Long Head), Dongfeng 145 Sprinkler (Flat), Dongfeng 153 Sprinkler (Flat), Dongfeng Tianjin Sprinkler, After the Dongfeng Tianlong Shuangqiao Sprinkler, the Dongfeng Tianlong front four after eight large water tankers.
Second, the tank production
Automatic production line tank production process is divided into: cutting, automatic welding puzzle, head spin forming, tank rolling and other domestic advanced production technology. Tank materials are mostly made of high-quality carbon steel plates. In special applications, 304 stainless steel can also be used according to the customer's needs. The tank volume is "2 cubic, 3 cubic, 4 cubic, 5 cubic, 6 cubic" and so on.
Third, the pipeline system
From the "pipeline, four three-way ball valve, through-ball valve, filter, outlet (before the post-sprinkler, side spray; high side shower; rear working platform, with green sprinkler gun).
Fourth, the operating system
The transmission is driven mainly by the engine. The power take-off mounted on the transmission drives the sprinkling pump. The sprinkling pump generates power and sprays the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Working range: Self-priming height: ≤7m, Sprinkling width: ≥14m, Maximum range: ≥28m; Can be adjusted into a column with a range of ≥28m; It can also be adjusted to a mist with a range of ≥5m.
Five, sprinkler
Equipped with sprinkler, green sprayer high-power special sprinkler (Weilong pump), with fire joints, with self-flow valve, with self-priming function.
Optional equipment: It can be equipped with sprinkling discs, drug pumps, anti-corrosion rust inside the tank, multi-directional inlet and outlet connections, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves and other advanced facilities to meet the needs of different users.
Sixth, the cab
Sprinkler cab is divided into: pointed cab, or flat cab, also known as long cab, short cab.

Mini sprinkler parameters
The main technical parameters of the product
product name:
Liberation single bridge sprinkler
Chassis model:
Carriage size:
XX (mm)
Total quality:
10490 (Kg)
Approach/Departure angle:
10/7 (°)
Rated quality:
5000 (Kg)
Front suspension and rear suspension:
1330/2020, 1330/1870 (mm)
Maintenance quality:
5295 (Kg)
The maximum speed:
98 (km/h)
Vehicle remarks:
Tank volume: 5.25 cubic meters, tank size: length 4300 mm, long axis 1650 mm, short axis 1100 mm. Optional without operating platform. Side protection and rear guard material for Q235, rear guard and chassis The frame is bolted, the side guards and the subframe are bolted together, and the height of the rear cross section × width of the section is 150 × 50 (mm), and the height from the ground is 500 mm.
Chassis parameter parameters
Chassis model:
Fuel type:
Axis number:
Front track:
Rear track:
Cab ride number:
Number of springs:
Number of tires:
Axle load:
Tire specifications:
8.25-20, 8.25R20, 9.00-20, 9.00R20
Emission Standards:
GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 State III

Car wash steps
The first move of glass stains with a knife
Stickers of various types may be affixed to the windows of the car, or tickets such as traffic permits, road and bridge fees, etc. may be affixed. No matter what kind of colloidal materials, the sun shines and wind blows, etc., these stickers will yellow or scratch the dirt in the cracks over time, the longer you do not clean, the more difficult it is to clean. In the circumstances, we have to use a small blade to help. When using a blade to clean stubborn stickers, it is best to use some types of one-way blade, mainly safer. When pushing, the flat blade must be pressed against the glass, and slowly with a gentler force. Too much force and too fast will not only completely remove the stain, but also will cause the blade to cut off and make it dangerous.
The second move leather chair cracked wax water
For some friends who normally take care of the car on weekdays, if it happens that he is driving a car with a leather cage, the leather will crack when rubbed for a long time or often exposed to a dry air environment. Phenomenal, if the situation is not serious, as long as the market to buy some of the wax water used for moisturizing leather can be. If there is debris falling off from the leather, then some leather special pigments should be used after spraying. Apply thicker wax water to the surface of the leather to make the leather regain moisture. Remember! Before leather water is applied, the leather must be cleaned and wiped with a damp cloth, but it must be dried before applying wax.
The third measure to clear the cup holder debris pocket
For the owner, cleaning the steamer, trim box, pillow case, or glove box at the door of the car is the most troublesome problem. To clean up these hidden places, you must use a paint sweeper. At the same time, it is the easiest and quickest way to use a special vacuum cleaner; if these places are soaked in water or oil, they must be washed with detergent or water. After scouring, dry cloth can be used to suck in water, and then the dirt can be sucked away with a car vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will produce a suction effect. The principle of air flow can evaporate moisture that cannot be wiped off. Of course, a hair dryer can also be used. .
The fourth move of air-conditioning peculiar smell
Whether you smoke in a car or not, as long as you frequently turn on the air conditioning system, the car's air conditioning system must have an unpleasant odor after a long period of operation, even if a car perfume, perfume, or balm is placed in the car because it is a chemical. After a certain period of time, or with body odor. Sweat or petrol smell mixture will also change from aroma to odor. After being drawn into the air, it will naturally accumulate a lot of different odors. If you want to clean it thoroughly, it is a big project, but the simplest method is still Yes, it is to use a machine that ejects steam. When the air is sprayed on the air-cooling duct, the water vapor also emits heat to make the odor-producing substances decompose as much as possible to minimize the odor.
The fifth trick to scrub the wheel shiny crystal
I believe that the average car owner will use water to clean the wheels and tires when he is at leisure. However, is it possible to restore the luster of the rims that are frequently in contact with the road with water alone? For some rims that use lighter vintages, water and a long-handled brush can be used for cleaning. However, for some stubborn dirt, acidic solvents are used because acid solvents can damage the tires. It is necessary to wear a pair of gloves first, and then apply a small amount of cloth to a small area for painting. After the brushing is completed, wash with water mixed with cleaning solution. This will make the rims bright and clean.
The sixth stroke of carpet velvet removal
In addition to the aforementioned leather cleaning methods, there are velvet cleaning methods for velvet-based cars. It is best to use the previously mentioned steam sprayer to spray brush, but there are also some cleaners on the market that are specifically designed for cleaning velvet. It is better to use a velvet cleaner with a soft and hard brush, so that there will be better Effect. What about carpets? Cleaning the carpet should first be done outside the car. The farther away from the car the better. This will prevent dust from blowing back into the carriage. The carpet can be rinsed with water mixed with detergent, and brushed with a hard bristle brush. After cleaning, it must be treated. The dry carpet can only be put back into the carriage because the moisture on the carpet can easily breed mold.
The seventh move wind blowing soft stickers
As mentioned earlier, the use of a blade to clear the sticker on the glass, but the body sticker is absolutely not so, because this will be the body's paint scraped off, the consequences are very serious. Some people have tried to use Tinner, alcohol, gasoline, pine water, etc. to clean up, but the consequences are the same as using a blade to hang a sticker, which will cause the body paint to be destroyed, because the above are all dissolved chemicals. If you want to remove the sticker without damaging the paint, you can use the heat of the hair dryer to make the sticker itself soft, and slowly tear it away with your hand.
Eighth stroke crude wax should be clear
The final course is the car wash shell! How easy it is to wash cars with water and detergents. Needless to say, there are some things to pay attention to when waxing. First of all, the place where waxing is done must not be dusty, and the next car to be waxed should not have too much water. A small amount of water spot attachment has no effect. In addition, the method of waxing is to gradually apply in a circle, after the smear has enough time to make the wax attached to the body, and then wipe off the wax with a dry cloth. If it is a newer car, it can be smeared with young wax. If it is a car with some years old and has not been waxed for a long time, some crude wax can be used. It is best not to drive immediately after waxing, because after driving the car after waxing, wax water has not been eroded and the body will easily be blown off by strong winds.

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