July 16, 2019

Changzhou Jinling Drying Launches Horizontal Vertical Boiling Dryer

Drying equipment

China Drying Network Changzhou Jinling Dry Horizontal Vertical Boiling Dryer reduces dust flying and reduces labor according to customer requirements.

Horizontal structure boiling dryer is simple, easy to maintain, uniform temperature distribution within the bed, large processing volume, high volume thermal coefficient, can be continuous, semi-continuous or intermittent operation, can adjust the material residence time and heating temperature, can adjust the bed The pore structure is suitable for granular materials, and the materials with too high moisture content can be dried after special treatment.

The vertical boiling dryer is equipped with a stirring device at the feed end to force the fluidization effect of the material in the hot air, avoid the material from being agglomerated due to high moisture, and the amount of material is too large to accumulate on the bed surface, thereby accelerating the drying speed; in the boiling After the room is equipped with cyclone dust, to avoid dust flying, and can be configured according to user requirements bag dust or water screen dust removal device; according to the characteristics of the material in the process of drying the moisture after dehydration in the proportion of its own weight, in different areas configured with different air volume With wind pressure and zone temperature, in order to meet the requirements of material drying; pipeline operations, reduce the labor intensity of operators; especially suitable for fluidized drying of low-temperature, heat-sensitive materials.

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