September 16, 2019

Dongfeng truck crane

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Introduction Dongfeng truck with crane is a kind of special vehicle used by Xufeng, Stone Coal, Lifort, Zoomlion and other famous brands of cranes. Lifting weight covers 3 tons - 25 tons. Widely used for its wide application in municipal construction, coal mining, landscaping, and the lifting and transport of undetachable goods and other equipment.

Structure (1) Chassis. The Dongfeng Universal Class II chassis is mainly used. Its technology tends to mature. There are two kinds of domestic self-made chassis: half-car and full-car. As most of the cars are used for outdoor lifting, the carrying capacity, stability, and passing performance of the products are very important.
(2) Tops section. The upper part is mainly composed of a crane and a cargo bed. The crane includes a telescopic mechanism, a hoisting mechanism, a luffing mechanism and a turning mechanism, and is the core of the whole vehicle to realize the lifting function. With the rapid development of automotive technology, more and more advanced technologies have been adopted, lifting capacity has also increased, and technology is maturing. Top part of the famous crane crane brand , Hunan Zhongtian truck crane
Second, Xugong truck crane
Third, stone coal truck crane
Fourth, check with the car crane
Fifth, Changchun Shenjun with the car crane
Sixth, Zoomlion with the car crane
Seventh, Auman heavy truck with crane

Features 1. Reasonable, large safety factor
2. The series vehicle is fully hydraulically controlled
3 large-scale work, 360-degree full rotation
4. Adopt new type H-type legs for slope and irregular site operations
5. The main components such as the boom and the outrigger are all made of high-strength and high-quality steel plate, lighter in weight, and have higher lifting quality.
6. Configure the high. Hydraulic valve lock international support, other accessories all use domestic famous brands, more safe and reliable truck crane conversion in the truck with the operating stability and safety of the vehicle, in the carriage equipped with water tanks and power machines and nozzles and Sprinklers and other sprinkler functions, the other can be installed on the boom above the height of the work bucket, so that the vehicle with water, shipping (after hanging off the water tank), self-loading dumping goods, high-altitude operations and other functions, is a Ideal multi-purpose product. A multi-purpose car, economic benefits. Applicable to gardens, warehouses, docks, ships, railways and other industries, configuration basket can be used for high-altitude operations, can also install grippers, used to snatch all kinds of objects.

Car Lift Maintenance 1. The chassis is maintained at the local service station according to the after-sales service manual. According to the manufacturer's product use and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, it is essential information for the crane operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, be sure to read the instructions for use and maintenance of the truck crane and operate and maintain it according to the instructions.
2. Keep the truck crane clean for a long time and adjust and loosen the loose parts in time to prevent the parts from wearing out or causing the parts to be lost due to the looseness.
3. Pay attention to the working load of the crane during the running-in period. During the running-in period, the working load should not exceed 80% of the rated working load. It is also necessary to arrange suitable workload for the truck crane to prevent the machine from overheating for a long time.
4. The operator should pay attention to checking the coolant, lubricating oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, and fuel oil (water) level and quality frequently, and pay attention to checking the sealability of the vehicle. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point of the truck crane should be strengthened. It is recommended that grease be added to each lubrication point (except special requirements) in each shift.
5. Pay attention to the observation of the instructions of the cranes on the truck. If any abnormality occurs, stop the operation and remove them. Before the fault is found and removed, stop the operation.
6. After the running-in period of the on-vehicle crane is over, the vehicle shall be subjected to compulsory maintenance, and the inspection and adjustment of the crane shall be done well, and the replacement of the oil shall be paid attention to at the same time.
The requirements for the use and maintenance of newly purchased lorry cranes during the run-in period can be summarized as: lightening the load, enhancing lubrication, paying attention to operation, and checking. Operators pay attention to and follow the manufacturer's requirements to maintain and maintain the on-load crane running-in period, which can effectively reduce the impact of the run-in period on the crane's performance and life.

Crane failure and solution
No. malfunction Cause of failure Method of exclusion
1 Telescopic cylinder shock and telescopic arm crawl Air in the hydraulic system, aging of the seal in the telescopic cylinder Exclude system air, replace cylinder seals, add lubricant
2 The idle speed is still too slow Suction pipe is flattened or air sucked from the suction pipe Change suction tube or tighten suction tube fitting
3 Telescopic arms cannot be scaled in sequence Lack of lubricant, bad slider, problem with telescopic arm adjustment Add oil, change the slider, adjust the telescopic arm valve
4 Crane can't raise rated weight Insufficient power of hydraulic pump or damaged seal, overflow valve setting error Replace hydraulic pump or seal, adjust relief valve pressure
5 Automatic drop after lifting Loss of cylinder seal piston seal, balance valve throttle plug and return spring fatigue damage Replace oil cylinder seal or wash balance valve and replace spring
6 Joint point or rotary ring Lack of lubricant Add lubricant
7 Outrigger cylinders cannot support The bidirectional hydraulic lock is broken, and the piston seal ring of the outrigger cylinder is damaged Clean, replace valve locks, replace seals
8 Cylinder oil leakage, leakage inside leakage Damaged seal Replace all seals
9 Winch brake failure mechanism Friction plate damage, motor damage, low system pressure Replacement pads, motor adjustment pressure

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