September 16, 2019

Tourist Sightseeing Vehicle

China Motors Sightseeing Car Columns are included in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Tourist Cars Automobile Announcement All 2 Categories 3 Manufacturers 3 Sightseeing Vehicle Brands 7 Sightseeing Vehicles Product Information, Latest Sightseeing Vehicle Announcements, Environmental Notices, Fuel Bulletins, Exemptions Levy announcements, pictures, news, and the most timely information on the price of tourist car quotes.

Introduction Tourism and sightseeing vehicles adopt independent suspension damping system, four-wheel hydraulic braking system and high-strength special-purpose toughened glass. At the same time, special automobile metal paint is used, which has beautiful appearance and wide vision. Tourist Sightseeing Vehicle is a kind of regional electric vehicle specially set up for tourist attractions. It is mainly used for parks, large-scale amusement parks, closed communities, campuses, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas, city pedestrian streets, ports and other areas. , Regional patrols, and the use of environmentally friendly electric passenger vehicles dedicated to transportation.

Characteristics The batteries used in the tourist and sightseeing car series are characterized by large capacity, light weight, long life, quick charging, high safety, and high efficiency. The car has a beautiful design, excellent performance of the entire vehicle, elegant appearance, and luxurious interiors. Easy to operate, comfortable and safe ride. It is commonly used for domestic tourist attractions.

The types of tourist and sightseeing vehicles are divided into: urban tourist and sightseeing vehicles, mountain tourist vehicles, and VIP tourist and sightseeing vehicles.

Development prospects Tourism and sightseeing vehicles use batteries to generate power, environmental protection without pollution, and effective use of resources. Has a personalized control system, steering flexibility, feel comfortable, light and smooth, driving simple, electric can be recycled, long life and other advantages. At present, tourist vehicles are widely used in hotels, scenic spots, salesrooms, RVs, factories, airports, railway stations, bus stations, docks, stadiums, parks and other places.
Most tourist and sightseeing vehicles adopt a battery-powered driving method and do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. They can be used only by charging the batteries. Most of the power plants are built far away from densely populated cities, causing less harm to humans, and the power plant is stationary. Yes, concentrated emissions, removal of various harmful emissions are relatively easy, and there are already related technologies. Tourist car battery power and energy to get way, such as coal, nuclear energy, hydraulic and so on. Sightseeing vehicles can make full use of the surplus electric power when electricity is used in the evening to make full use of power generation equipment day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits, and contributing to saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The disadvantage of sightseeing vehicles is that the climbing ability is weak.
The data of this research report mainly uses national statistical data, the General Administration of Customs, questionnaire survey data, and data collected by the Ministry of Commerce. The macroeconomic data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics, and some industry statistics come from the National Bureau of Statistics and market survey data. The corporate data come mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics' scale enterprise statistics database and stock exchanges. The price data mainly come from various markets. Monitoring database.

The “2011-2015 China Tourism Vehicle Market Research and Development Trend Research Report” published by the Ruibo Data Research Center has a total of 14 chapters. First introduced the concept of the Chinese tourist car industry and the development status of the world's tourist car industry. Then it analyzed the development environment of the Chinese tourist car industry. Then it focused on the analysis of the Chinese tourist car industry market operation situation, and finally analyzed the Chinese tourist car industry faces. Opportunities and development prospects. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the Chinese tourist car industry or want to invest in the industry, this report will be an indispensable and important tool for you.

How to buy a tourist bus For consumers, how can you buy a car with a high quality and driving safety in a situation where a low quality tourist car is flooded with the market?
Look at the style. There are three kinds of driving methods for tourist and sightseeing vehicles: one is a hub-type drive, one is a center-mounted drive, and there is a suspension drive. In the market, electric vehicles are mainly driven by wheels, while wheels are driven by rear wheels and front wheels are relatively poor. In addition, from the perspective of vehicle balance and ease of getting in and out of the car, it is better to place the battery in the position of the inclined tube or riser of the frame. The configured battery is basically an economical lead-acid battery.
Second look at the brand. Consumers must choose brands that have been tested by authoritative departments and have been proven to have reliable quality, low repair rate, good after-sales service, and high reputation.
The third key is to purchase on site. According to my actual needs and love, choose the right specifications, styles and colors. The quality of the appearance of the vehicles is firstly selected to see whether the trademarks and decals are intact, and whether the surface quality of paints, platings, plastics, and aluminum alloys is satisfactory. Check the quality of the assembly of the vehicle, including all kinds of screws in place, no looseness; handlebars, wheels, chains, cranks, and pedals should be flexible; the rims should be evenly paced; the amount of circular runout is small; handlebars, saddles Seats, fenders, hangers, and brackets must be installed symmetrically or symmetrically. There should be no obvious skewness. Moving parts (chains, wheels, etc.) and non-moving parts (such as chain covers, mud boards, etc.) must not be rubbed. The key to the switch and the battery lock should be tried out for safety and convenience. Electric door locks, battery locks, and tool box locks should be the most convenient for a single key; open the switch, turn the shifting handle, check the stepless speed change and brake (brake) power failure and braking effect, and check that the motor is running smoothly. The sound is normal; multi-functional and luxury electric bicycles also need to check whether all functions are intact; at the end, chargers, certificates, manuals, and three packs of cards should be collected and kept properly. Now the way to repair batteries is generally two kinds, one is the physical method, generally through the impulse to break the sulfide, called the extension or repair device name, your battery nurse also belongs to this category; the other is the chemical method, It is through chemicals that melt sulphides.

Tourist Sightseeing Vehicle Maintenance Daxue Tourist Sightseeing Vehicles have become an indispensable tool for tourism. How to maintain such a huge amount of tourism and sightseeing vehicles to ensure their work efficiency and extend their useful life? Summary Tourism and tourism car maintenance mainly starts from the following aspects:
1. Always remove the key before charging to shut off the electric sightseeing car.
2. All battery caps should be opened during charging to maintain indoor ventilation and open flames are strictly prohibited! To prevent explosion! (Hydrogen is generated during charging).
3, check the battery level before each charge, should be kept higher than the grid plate 5 to 10 mm.
4. When the battery level is insufficient, special distilled water should be added to the battery (Recommended to use distilled water of 20 liters or more in accordance with the national standard. If you add tap water or a small bottle of supplement fluid, the battery will be damaged!).
5. Use clean plastic cups or porcelain cups and other non-metallic vessels when adding water. Prevent impurities from entering the battery. If any impurities fall into the battery, do not use metal materials such as wire and copper wire for fishing. Use clean wooden rods to trap impurities.
6, tourism and sightseeing vehicles should be full of charge each time, to avoid stop filling halfway (occasionally stopped filling the battery has little effect).
7. Each time the sightseeing bus is used (more than 15 kilometers), it must be charged on the same day.


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