May 27, 2019

Liberation sprinkler

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Liberation sprinkler
The Liberation Sprinkler is a modification of a dedicated car modification plant using the Liberation Chassis (CA). Our longest used liberation chassis

Liberation sprinkler

There are: liberated single bridge, after the liberation of the double bridge, the liberation of small three-axis, etc., but the liberation of sprinklers in the market is not large, mainly Dongfeng occupy the main domestic market.

Liberation sprinkler special configuration
After the blasting (spraying), sprinkling, side spraying, belt working platform, and green sprinkler high-pressure gun are installed on the platform. With high power dedicated sprinkler pump, with fire joints, with self-flow valve, with self-priming function, with a filter. There are also two vehicle delivery valves and two dedicated water pipes.
First, liberate single bridge sprinkler
Chassis configuration: Faw Qingdao liberation chassis, Xichai 160 hp engine, 385 (8 tons) reinforced rear axle, 9.00-20 nylon tires, half a row of new luxury cab.
Modified configuration: The tank is made of 4mm thick WISCO carbon steel plate, the actual volume of the tank is 12 cubic meters, and the front, rear, side spray, rear working platform and green antiaircraft gun, and the first domestic dedicated sprinkler pump can be configured. Pump into the pump, two equal lengths of water pipes, the rest of the standard. Note: This vehicle has a fuel announcement and can apply for an operating certificate.
Installation of insulation configuration: The tank mouth is placed in the upper part of the tank body, and a square overflow tank is installed around the tank mouth. The overflow tank is installed with two water-conducting steel pipes on both sides of the tank (to directly discharge the overflowing water), and the working platform Install motor water pump. The 50mm thick polyurethane foam insulation material and the 1.0mm thick carbon steel cold rolling plate are used for outsourcing, and the outer layer interface is equipped with a sealing strip to prevent the tank body from being deformed.

Liberation sprinkler function
The series of sprinkler products have multi-functions of greening and sanitation, and are mainly used for road flushing of large, medium and small cities, trees, green belts, greening of lawns, construction of roads, factories and mines, and flushing of high-rise buildings. With sprinkler, dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, but also has to carry water, drainage, emergency fire and other functions.
Note: The suction range ≥ 6 meters sprinkler width ≥ 14 meters range ≥ 28 meters.
The optional tank material can be made of stainless steel, which can protect the carbon steel tank.
Optional equipment can be used to achieve edible water, milk and other edible liquid transport vehicles; can be used as pesticide spraying vehicles.

Sprinkler use
Special features sprinkler functions: sprinklers, also known as: water tankers, sprinklers, spray cars, water tankers, tank trucks, water trucks, water trucks, water vehicles, green sprinklers, green spray trucks. Mainly used in road cleaning, and landscaping.

Sprinkler Operation Guide
Starting from September 1, 2010, Guangzhou's Pearl River Delta region will implement the National IV emission standard. At that time, the country's three-emission motor vehicles will not be able to license in the region, and many national first-tier cities will continue to implement the three national emission standards. The three national emission standard engines are divided into three types. One is the high pressure common rail technology, which is often referred to as the EFI engine. The second is the single pump, that is, the oil pump oil supply engine. The third is EGR. A secondary exhaust engine is equipped with a tail gas recycling technology that has reduced vehicle exhaust emissions.
1. Requirements for water
When the sprinkler uses the river ditch or pond as a source of water, pay attention to that all the ends of the suction pipe are not in the water. In order to avoid inhaling stones or more sand and drift debris, the suction pipe end is generally provided with a filtering device, and it is forbidden to remove the filtering device during the water absorption. If the water source is shallow, it is necessary to dig up the water absorption area in advance so as to ensure that it does not contain impurities and air. Different sprinkler pumps have different requirements for water sources. Clean water pumps require no impurities in the water. Turbid water pumps require no stones and excessive sediment in the water.
2. Add water diversion
Every time the centrifugal pump absorbs water, a certain amount of water must be added to the pump. After the addition, the water inlet must be closed. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, it is necessary to add water, and it is unnecessary to add water afterwards.
3. The inlet pipe must be vacuumed
The water inlet system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum before it can suck water into the tank. The inlet pipe system must be sealed reliably, the hose can not be damaged, the hard pipe can not have cracks, otherwise it will have a phenomenon of air leakage, which will result in the situation that it cannot suck water.
4. Parking stalls
Before the water sprinkling vehicle or water sprinkling, the power take-off device must be parked.
5. Winter water release
Before the advent of winter, the water in the pumps and pipes should be vented to prevent freezing. The northern part of the country is generally no longer under construction during the severe winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the pump and the water pipe will be drained immediately to prevent future problems.
6. Watering precautions
The front sprinkler of the sprinkler is located at a low position, close to the ground, the spray pressure is relatively large, and can be used for flushing the road surface; the position of the rear sprinkler is relatively high (the sprinkler is generally installed on the left and right sides of the sprinkler), and the sprinkler surface is wide, and can be used for highway construction and watering. When the rear nozzle is used, the front nozzle should be closed; when using the adjustable nozzle, the width of the sprinkler can be adjusted as needed. The wider the sprinkler width, the less the amount of intermediate overlap and the more uniform the sprinkler density.
7. Lubrication and fastening
During the process of use, lubrication points of the transmission assembly should be regularly lubricated, and the joints should be tightened frequently to ensure normal use.
8. Regular sewage
The water tank of the sprinkler truck is provided with a sewage pipe. The inlet of the pipe is the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, the discharge pipe switch should be opened periodically to remove the accumulated debris from the tank until the water becomes clear.

Pump works
Before the sprinkler works, the liquid in the pump must be higher than the pump shaft. Therefore, an upwardly bent elbow should be connected to the pump inlet, and then a horizontal pipe and quick connector must be connected. The center line of the quick connector must be 300 mm higher than the centerline of the pump shaft. Import pipeline system must ensure that no air leakage; suction pipe suction head must be immersed in water, so as not to suck air into the water pipe; outlet pipe and pump outlet connection must ensure that the length of straight pipe ≥ 200 mm and then take over the bend.
The sprinkler pump adopts an external mixed self-priming structure, and an appropriate amount of liquid should be stored in the pump. After the pump is started, the impeller rotates and a negative pressure is formed at the inlet of the impeller. The gas in the suction pipeline is mixed with the liquid in the pump and passes through the pressure chamber to enter the gas-liquid separation chamber. Because of the difference in the specific gravity of the gas and liquid, the gas is separated from the liquid and discharged from the outlet pipe. The liquid sinks in the gas-liquid separation chamber and is circulated repeatedly until the gas in the suction pipe is drained and filled with liquid to complete the self-priming process. The pump started normal infusion.
The sprinkler pump can function as a suction and pressurization drainer. The self-priming pump can directly inhale the water from the pond into the tank, and can also directly connect the water from the fire hydrant in the city streets and inhale the water in the tank.

Daily maintenance and maintenance
(1) Maintenance of automobile chassis and supporting pump shall be carried out according to the corresponding instructions for use.
(2) Before use, the vehicle should be worn out according to the requirements of the vehicle's instructions.
(3) When the long-distance transfer is consigned, there should be a fixed anti-skid device around the vehicle, and there should be more than 200mm clearance around the vehicle. If the self-conversion is performed, the front nozzle and rear sprinkler should be removed to prevent loosening.
(4) Check regularly whether there is any clogging in the holes and mouths, and clean up the debris when it is found to be clogged.
(5) After each shift is completed, the oil should be cleaned, the pipelines must be neatly arranged, and the scene should be cleaned up.
(6) If the vehicle is not used for a long time or stored in winter, the remaining water in the tank, the pump and the pipeline shall be drained, and it shall be parked in the carport during storage and wipe clean to avoid exposure to rain and rain.

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