January 21, 2020

Dongfeng Volvo Collaborates to Break Through the Downwind Heavy Truck Market

In Latin, "Volvo" means rolling forward. Now, under the "Dongfeng" boast, will Volvo's wheels turn faster? The reporter learned yesterday that the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Corporation) joint venture project of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Volvo Truck entered a countdown period of several days, or was formally signed in Beijing on Saturday (January 26th). Will set up factories in Shiyan, production of heavy trucks.

The continuous downturn in the market has left Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles (heavy trucks), who have been at the forefront of the market, unable to keep up their own.

According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers recently, in 2012, the heavy-duty truck market cumulatively sold approximately 635,200 vehicles of various types, which was 28% lower than the 88.06 million vehicles in 2011. This has become the second consecutive year since 2011. Yearly decline.

At present, the heavy truck market in the commercial vehicle sector still maintains the “three pillars” pattern of Dongfeng, Zhongqi, and FAW. For the whole year of 2012, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles sold a total of 131,000 heavy trucks, with sales volume down 29.6% year-on-year.

In the middle of this month, news of Dongfeng and Volvo will be signed on the 26th of this month. Yesterday, an insider of Dongfeng Company stated that if there is no accident, the Dongfeng-Volvo joint venture project will be signed in Beijing on January 26 and set up a factory to produce heavy trucks in Shiyan.

According to industry sources, Dongfeng has cooperated with Volvo in its strongest commercial vehicle sector in order to maintain its advantages and seek breakthroughs in the depressed market.

Cooperation with Dongfeng Company is not the first time Volvo has tested the Chinese commercial vehicle field. In 2003, Volvo and China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. each took a 50% share and jointly established China's first heavy-duty truck joint venture, Jinan Huawo. However, due to various factors, in November 2010, Volvo announced that it was officially breaking apart with heavy-duty steam.

Zhang Zhiyong, a domestic auto industry analyst, said that as the world's second-largest commercial vehicle company, Volvo Trucks' performance in the Asian market is not satisfactory. In the midst of a slump in other global markets, Volvo has to turn its attention to China, the world's largest growing commercial vehicle market. Dongfeng Company has established intensive sales outlets at all levels of the market. Dongfeng’s mature and strong market advantage will bring many benefits to Volvo China’s localization.

[Expert voice]

Car companies should avoid repeating the mistakes

In recent years, Beiqi Foton and Daimler, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Man, Guangzhou Automobile and Hino, SAIC and Iveco and other Sino-foreign joint venture commercial vehicle companies have been established. Executives of these commercial vehicle companies understand that China is a hot spot in the global automotive sales market. Today, Dongfeng Volvo will soon land, reflecting the reality that China's commercial vehicles have become an important part of the global commercial vehicle market.

However, Chen Zhidong, a domestic automobile analyst, said that the market-for-technical tactics that occurred in the joint venture of passenger vehicles had caused many Chinese auto companies to become the overseas interest markets of overseas auto giants, and Chinese auto makers eventually failed to master core technologies. The outcome should be avoided in the subsequent joint venture of commercial vehicles. State-owned brand building, localization of R&D, mastering core technologies, etc., should all be the focus of Chinese car companies' development in the future.

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