June 22, 2021

Development of Preset Interface for Parallel Machine Tool Simulation Mechanism

Parallel mechanism type library selection modeling method Due to long-term research based on parallel robots and parallel mechanisms, a large number of mature parallel mechanism configurations have been accumulated. If special software is used to assist the synthesis of these existing parallel mechanism examples, or by the institutional research, the topological structure characteristics of these mechanisms are summarized, and the parallel configuration type is stored in the parallel mechanism type. The library is continuously accumulated, so that in the conceptual design, the parallel mechanism configuration that satisfies the motion performance requirements of the machine tool can be selected from the type library to simplify the conceptual design.

Parallel mechanism modular combined modeling method Through structural analysis, we can see that the parallel mechanism is various in structure, but the most common in practical application is the Stewart platform mechanism and its evolution form, that is, most parallel mechanisms are driven. The platform, the platform and several motion branches are combined according to different topological relationships. Therefore, in order to improve the modeling efficiency, a three-dimensional solid model library of common components of three functional modules of the parallel mechanism can be established in the modeling environment, so that components corresponding to the design requirements can be directly selected from the component library when modeling the parallel mechanism, and According to their positional relationship and matching relationship, they are organically combined into a parallel mechanism model. Since these component models are assembled from multiple parts and define the motion pair connection, the workload of modeling, assembly, and motion definitions will be greatly reduced, modeling and design efficiency will be improved, and the concept prototype design of parallel machine tools will be shortened. cycle.

The establishment of the parallel mechanism type library and component library, the library building principle of the type library and the component library are to improve the design efficiency of the parallel mechanism, so that the design of each functional module of the parallel mechanism is achieved, it is necessary to establish a similar standard part. The library's tool library enables it to contain components that may be needed. To this end, each functional module of the parallel mechanism is divided into typical module structure forms according to different functions, different application ranges of structural parameters, and different structural forms. Simplify and abstract the concrete structure, find several representative components, ignore the structural details, replace it with its outline or feature, and summarize and abstract a series of three-dimensional parameterization with strong conceptual expression ability. Drive the functional module component structure model.

The following principles should be followed when building a model library: (1) Each model should have a reference datum (such as a datum point or a datum or datum, using three mutually perpendicular datums). (2) For components composed of several parts assembled together, by analyzing the assembly hierarchy tree, determine the master parts, establish the parameter transfer and size relationship between the parts in the component, and control and constrain the parts with the master parts. Component. (3) When constructing the model, it should be simplified from the practical point of view, without affecting the visual effect, as long as the model can express the shape and functional characteristics of the device.

Feature-based parametric modeling technology Parallel-structured library and functional module component library modeling system for assembly design adopts feature-based parametric modeling technology. When performing a certain configuration or component modeling, not only the geometry characteristics but also the assembly features should be studied. It is necessary to assume that the three-dimensional model is placed in a specific assembly environment, from the perspective of assembly. The choice of feature planning and modeling methods.


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