December 09, 2019

Seed label two-dimensional code traceability platform solves breeder's two-dimensional code tracing problem

The development of science and technology has brought a lot of convenience to our daily life. Today, we have completely separated from the products left by the development of mobile phones and other technologies. We can see that all kinds of businesses in the streets will pass. Wechat QR code to increase its attention, and in the seed industry, these two-dimensional code products also came into being, that is, the seed tag two-dimensional code, and the production of seed tag two-dimensional code is the seed tag two-dimensional code Traceability platform.

Seed label two-dimensional code traceability platform

The seed tag QR code can be said to combine the consumer's attention and the merchant's guarantee of the quality of the product. The Ministry of Agriculture Seed Administration issued a statement on the production and use of the crop seed label QR code, which clearly specifies the QR code. After the production requirements, the seed tag QR code began to become a matter that the seed industry had to pay attention to, and for many seed traders who were still “encircle”, the emergence of the seed tag two-dimensional code traceability platform was considered as a solution. The breeder's two-dimensional code traceability problem.

Seed enterprises need to carry out seed production. It is not only simple to print a one-dimensional QR code on the packaging. According to regulatory requirements, these two-dimensional codes are unique, and they need to include the name of the species, name of the producer or operator, or importer. Names and other important information, so companies also need a strong traceability system, this system not only contains the most basic information related to the seeds of the packaging production, such as species name, producer name or importer name, unit identification number, etc. It also requires some more in-depth issues such as independent management of varieties and batches, interrelatedness, control of serial goods, and channel control.

Topp Yunnong’s seed tag two-dimensional code traceability platform was developed to address these actual needs of seed industry companies. To solve the problem of breeders’ two-dimensional code traceability and promote better development of seed industry, Top Cloud In-depth research on crop seed tag two-dimensional code encoding rules, relying on the company's strong hardware and software strengths developed this set of practicality, good stability, seed tag two-dimensional code traceability platform, the platform through the use of more home industry enterprises, obtained The Trust and Satisfaction of Enterprises and Peasants' Inquirers.

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