December 09, 2019

Discussion on cobalt ore beneficiation technology

1. Copper nickel cobalt ore

The cobalt in the ore is similar to copper and nickel in the same mineral. In the process of beneficiation , nickel and cobalt cannot be separated. Therefore, it is not necessary to design a separate process for selecting cobalt-containing minerals. The selected concentrate is cobalt-containing. Copper-nickel concentrate and cobalt-containing nickel-containing sulfur concentrate, which is recovered in smelting anode electrolytic sludge and slag.

Second, copper cobalt ore

This ore production mainly Shanxi Zhongtiaoshan non-ferrous metals company Grate ditch, Hubei Daye Nonferrous company recorded a mountain of copper and Huili Lala plants and other mineral deposits. Cobalt-containing mineral is mainly chalcopyrite, pyrite and pyrrhotite and other sulfide minerals. The chalcopyrite can be separated from the latter by flotation to produce copper concentrate and cobalt-sulfur concentrate. A small amount of cobalt can still be recovered from the anodic electrolytic sludge of the smelting copper concentrate.

Third, iron cobalt ore

The minerals produced in this area include Zibo North Jinzhao North, Shandong Jinling Tieshan, Shandong Laiwu Iron Mine and Hubei Huangshi Tieshan. The main cobalt-containing minerals are pyrite minerals such as pyrite, pyrrhotite and a small amount of chalcopyrite. The flotation method can be used to separate the sulfide and magnetite, and then a small amount of chalcopyrite and pyrite and pyrrhotite are separated by flotation, and magnetite is separated by magnetic separation to produce copper concentrate. , cobalt-sulfur concentrate and iron concentrate. Sulfur is a harmful component of iron making. Such ore must be selected before it enters the furnace. Therefore, mines with selected plants generally have a flotation process. Therefore, such mines can recover cobalt and sulfur concentrates.

Fourth, cobalt ore

Hunan Changsha Xialuping Cobalt Mine is currently mined by township enterprises and recycled by Hengyang Smelter. Hainan Andingju Dingcobalt Mine has a high grade of ore and a cobalt grade of 1.632%. Currently, a cobalt company is designing and preparing for mining. Its cobalt-containing minerals are mainly hydroxides and aqueous oxide hydroxides.

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