December 09, 2019

New technology for high-efficiency smelting of complex and difficult to treat strontium tungsten

August 30, 2005, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province hosted the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Ganzhou Nonferrous Metallurgy Research Institute, Dajishan Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. and the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Technology development Center completed the "complex refractory tantalum-niobium, tungsten ore dressing and smelting technology research and efficient" results conducted a technical appraisal. The appraisal committee composed of research and design units, colleges and universities and production enterprise experts carefully reviewed the appraisal materials and listened to the report of the completion unit. After questioning and discussion, they agreed that:

The outcome for Dajishan uneven disseminated fine-grained tantalum and niobium complex intractable nature of tungsten polymetallic ore characteristics, research and development stage grinding stage sorting - floating recombination (re-election coarse, fine flotation) - Option The new technology of comprehensive recovery of strontium and tungsten. On the basis of small-scale test and expanded test, industrial test obtained bismuth concentrate containing Ta2O531.98%, strontium recovery rate was 43.44%; tungsten product contained WO389.40%, tungsten recovery rate was 76.02% technical index, reaching "ten Five-year national science and technology research project task book requirements;

For the first time, this achievement adopts the combined process of float-weight combination and smelting and smelting, which effectively solves the technical problems of separate recovery of coarse and fine-grained minerals, high-efficiency separation of strontium and tungsten, and the first application of high-efficiency new collector DB flotation 钽铌 tungsten fine mud, and The flotation concentrate was treated by a new re-election equipment YTF-C micro-shaker, which significantly improved the recovery rate and concentrate grade of fine-grained thorium-tungsten minerals. The overall technology has an international advanced level. The achievement of this achievement provides a reliable way and effective method for the comprehensive utilization of the plutonium ore resources in China, which is poor, fine and miscellaneous. Experts suggest that industrialization be implemented as soon as possible.

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