April 20, 2021

Food QS certification program

QS is the English abbreviation of "Quality Safety". It is a newly implemented food quality and safety symbol in China. According to the national mandatory regulations, all food production enterprises must be tested, qualified and marked with the food production license number on the minimum sales unit food packaging and printed with the food quality and safety market access mark (“QS” mark) before they can be sold. . Since 2004, China has first implemented the market access system for food quality and safety in the food industry of rice, edible vegetable oil, wheat flour, soy sauce and vinegar. Since next year, there will be no QS-certified 13 foods, including tea, which will be sold on the market. All tea companies and tea houses may not operate tea products without QS certification.

First, prepare information

Fill in two copies of the "Application for Food Production Permit" (to the local city (prefecture) Quality and Technology Supervision Department) in accordance with the relevant requirements; one copy of the company's business license, food hygiene license, and enterprise code certificate (copy); For code certificates, provide a copy of the ID card of the person in charge of the company; a copy of the layout of the company's production site; a copy of the production process flow chart (marked with key equipment and parameters); a copy of the company's quality management document; Standards shall also provide a corporate product standard that has been put on record by the quality and technical supervision department; and other information that should be provided in the application form.

Second, application

Food production and processing enterprises shall apply for food production licenses and submit application materials to the local municipal (prefecture) level quality and technical supervision department in accordance with the principle of territorial jurisdiction and hierarchical management. After receiving the application materials from the enterprises, the quality supervision department shall form a review team to complete the review of the application documents and documents. After the company's materials meet the requirements, a "Notice of Acceptance of Food Production Licenses" will be issued. If the enterprise application materials do not meet the requirements, the company will make corrections after receiving the notification from the quality and technical supervision department.

Third, review

After the company's written materials are qualified, in accordance with the food production license review rules, the company shall accept the on-site review of the company's necessary conditions and factory inspection capabilities. On-site review of qualified companies, the inspection team on-site seal samples. The inspection team or the forensic company applies the samples to the designated inspection agency for inspection. After the prerequisite inspection and certification inspection meet the conditions for certification, the local quality and technical supervision department shall review the examination report. After confirmation, the unified summary materials shall be submitted to the SAQSIQ within a specified time. The AQSIQ has received approval from the provincial-level quality and technical supervision department after submitting the enterprise materials that meet the issuance conditions.

Fourth, certification

After being examined and approved by the AQSIQ, the provincial quality and technical supervision department issued food production licenses and copies to production companies that meet the conditions for issuing certificates.

The period of validity of food production licenses generally does not exceed five years. The effective period of production licenses for different foods is specified in the corresponding regulatory documents. Within 6 months before the expiration of the valid period for food production licenses, the company shall apply for renewal of the license to the quality and technical supervision department that originally applied for the food production license.

The food production license implements an annual review system. An enterprise that has obtained a food production license shall submit an application for annual review to the quality and technical supervision department at or above the municipal level (prefecture) level within one month from the expiration of the certificate within the validity period of the certificate.

Where food production and processing enterprises make major changes in the production conditions of food raw materials, production processes, production equipment, etc., or develop or produce new types of food, they shall, within 3 months of the occurrence of the change, submit to the original quality and technical supervision of the application for food production licenses. The department proposed a change of food production license application. When the name of the company changes, it shall, within 3 months after the name change, apply to the quality and technical supervision department that has applied for the original food production license to apply for the rebranding of the food production license.

Special reminder: The cover of the “Application for Food Production Permit” should be stamped with the official seal of the company, and the copy of the seal is invalid.

Attachment: list of equipment required for food QS certification


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