April 20, 2021

Domestic largest aniline plant put into production at Tianji Group

On September 22, the Tianji Group's 130,000-ton/year aniline project successfully completed the process and produced qualified products. This marks the completion and production of the largest domestic aniline plant. The production technology used in this device is the first time in China to adopt the adiabatic nitration and liquid phase hydrogenation technology.

This aniline plant was started construction in March 2005. It mainly produces MDI-grade aniline series chemical products. Its technology and key equipment were imported from Canada and the United States. It uses internationally advanced benzene adiabatic nitration to produce nitrobenzene and nitrobenzene. Hydrogen production aniline technology. The designed capacity is to produce 130,000 tons of aniline and serial products annually. The total investment of the project is 430 million yuan. Based on the current market price, the annual output value after completion of the production will be approximately 1.5 billion yuan.

As a bulk organic chemical intermediate, aniline mainly relies on the enlargement of the device to reduce the unit cost, thereby improving the product competitiveness. However, the existing domestic aniline devices have a small scale, are backward in technology and have poor competitiveness, and have been unable to meet the needs of market competition. The 130,000-ton/year large-scale aniline plant launched by Tianji Group has the largest production capacity in China, advanced technology, and high safety, which fills the gaps in the construction of large-scale aniline projects in China and will lead to large-scale production of our aniline plant.

E-mark Is Also The European Common Market. For Motorcycles And Their Safety Parts, Noise And Exhaust Gases, They Must Comply With The Requirements Of The European Commission (eec Directives) And The European Economic Commission (ece Regulation). A Certificate Of Conformity Is Granted To Ensure The Safety Of The Vehicle And The Requirements For Environmental Protection. E-mark Is Assigned A Different Number Depending On The Country Of Certification.

Since October 2002, According To The Requirements Of Eu Directive 72/245/eec And Amendment Directive 95/54/ec, All Automotive Electronic Products That Enter The Eu Market For Sale Must Pass E-mark Related Test Certification, Labeling. The E Mark Will Be Released By The Customs Of The Eu Countries And Allowed To Enter The Local Market.

About The E Mark
The E Mark Is Derived From The Regulations Issued By The Economic Commission Of Europe (ece). Ece Includes 48 Countries In Europe. In Addition To Eu Member States, It Also Includes Non-european Countries Such As Eastern Europe And Southern Europe. The Ece Regulations Are Recommended For All Members, Not Mandatory Standards, And Member States Can Apply Ece Regulations Or Extend Their National Regulations. From The Perspective Of Market Demand, Ece Members Are Usually Willing To Receive Test Reports And Certificates That Comply With Ece Regulations.

The Issuing Authority Of The E-mark Certificate Is The Government Department Of The Ece Member Countries, And The Certificates Of Each Country Have Corresponding Numbers:

E1-Germany E16-Norway E32-Latvia E46-Ukraine
E2-France E17-Finland E33- E47-South Africa
E3-Italy E18-Denmark E34-Bulgaria E48-new Zealand
E4-Netherlands E19-Romania E35- E49-Cyprus
E5-Sweden E20-Poland E36-Lithuania E50-Malta
E6-Belgium E21-Portugal E37-Turkey E51-Korea
E7-Hungary E22-Russia E38- E52-Malaysia
E8-Czech Republic E23-Greece E39-Azerbaijan E53-Thailand
E9-Spain E25-Croatia E40-Macedonia E54-
E10-Yugoslavia E26-Slovenia E41- E55-
E11-United Kingdom E27-Slovakia E42-European Community E56-Montenegro
E12-Austria E28-Belarus E43-Japan E56-Tunisia
E13-Luxembourg E29-Estonia E44-
E14-Switzerland E31-Bosnia E45-Australia

The E Mark Is A Certification Mark For Motor Vehicles, Safety Parts And Systems Used By The European Commission In Accordance With Eu Directives. The Test Organization Must Be A Technical Service Organization Within The Member States Of The European Union. The Issuance Authority Is The Government Transportation Department Of The Member States Of The European Union. Products That Have Obtained The E-mark Certification Will Be Recognized By All Eu Member States.


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