September 26, 2021

China's renewable energy investment attraction ranks fourth in the world

The British "Financial Times" reported on the 19th that a new report released by Ernst & Young pointed out that in the ranking of global renewable energy investment attraction, China surpassed Britain in the fourth place, while the United Kingdom dropped from the previous fourth to sixth.
Ernst & Young is ranked according to the countries' market and infrastructure development in the field of renewable energy. It believes that China's wind power generation industry has achieved rapid development, while the UK's renewable energy strategy has repeatedly suffered setbacks.
Dr. Gordon Aguir, Director of Economics and Marketing at the British Wind Energy Association, believes that China's ranking over Britain is mainly due to China's renewable energy policy. China has set a target of 15% of total renewable energy in energy consumption by 2020. The Chinese government’s emphasis on infrastructure construction in this area is particularly attractive to investors.
Although the ranking of the United Kingdom has declined, Ernst & Young believes that the rise in oil and other energy prices will put pressure on the British government. By 2020, the UK is still expected to achieve its 15% energy consumption target from renewable energy.
Ernst & Young said that although the U.S. government is uncertain about whether to extend the preferential taxation policy for renewable energy, the U.S. is still the most attractive country in renewable energy investment. The German renewable energy business is also steadily advancing. At present, Germany ranks second in this list, second only to the United States.

This series of grinders are used to grind the outer ribs of single or double-row cylindrical roller bearings.

1.Adopting double-point diamond pen for dressing of the wheel automatically. The section of wheel is a shape of herringbone and double ribs and quadruple ribs can be fit in the fixture at same time and grinding separately. Using two conic faces of the herringbone wheel, it can grind the two ribs in the front and back of the raceway separately. In order to avoid burn of grinding face, a small reciprocating grinding for workpiece can be used simultaneously.

2.AC servo motor drive is used for the carriages of the workpiece and grinding support. With the support of cross roller rail, a micro-oscillation can be achieved during the grinding.

3.Adopting SIEMENS, FANUC^ MITSUBISHI all-digital AC servo control system.

4. grinder  is convenient to operate and adjust.

5.Adopting a high-precision shaft with sleeve for workpiece shaft, the motor of workpiece adopts AC frequency variable motor, frequency variable speed.

6.High rigidity steel is used for the spindles of full-automatic grinder. And a high rigidity, high-precision and high-speed belt shaft is used for the semi-automatic grinder, with the frequency variable speed, grinding at the high-speed of 60m/s.

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