April 20, 2021

Toyota internal combustion forklift 1.5 tons to 3.0 tons series

â—†Safe and powerful

1. S∧S Active Stabilization System: Toyota's unique safety system developed for the purpose of improving the stability and operational efficiency during operation.
Second, the OPS operator exists in the induction system: the standard configuration through the sensor mounted on the driver's seat, to sense whether the operator is driving in the correct posture. As soon as the operator leaves the seat a little, the OPS system will start immediately after 2 seconds to help prevent the incident from happening.
Third, ∧SC driving control system: Optional Toyota's original cutting-edge technology SAS and engine technology, even in the event of operator misoperation, can slow down the speed of the vehicle, help ensure that the forklift does not enter a dangerous state, help protect the cargo And the safety of the operator.
â—†Humanity design 1. Great visual field improvement By reducing the height of the built-in instrument panel, changing the position of the display and the shape of the gutter of the overhead guard, a superior wide field of view is ensured.
Second, the small steering wheel, reducing the fatigue of your left arm, the operating force is unchanged, the steering wheel diameter is reduced from 360mm to 300mm. A 60mm reduction over the previous one helps you greatly reduce the fatigue of your left arm.
Third, the spacious entrance and exit and driving space leg space is 2.3 times that of the 7 series.
Superior driving and ride-off performance provides a more comfortable and easy driving environment for on-site operations that require long-term continuous operation and frequent vehicle access.
Fourth, a wide range of seats before and after adjustment The front and rear sliding adjustment of the seat from 120mm to 150mm, is basically suitable for all different types of driving people.
5. The pedal-type parking brake device does not need to change the sitting position. It can be stopped by simply stepping on the foot with a foot. [Automatic gear only] 60mm less than before to help you greatly reduce the fatigue of the left arm.
Sixth, multi-function display and simple weighing device: optional from the action state of various functions to abnormal warning, the vehicle information can be displayed on the multi-function display, so that you can see at a glance.
â—†Easy maintenance 1. The opening angle of the engine cover is expanded from 69 degrees to 75 degrees. The expansion of the hood opening angle, the oil filter, and the replacement of lighting are more convenient.
Second, abolish some of the resin parts, and change into a simple and high-quality one-piece iron plate, the body is more solid.
Third, through the use of simple and high-quality components, the engine oil and hydraulic oil replacement cycle is greatly extended, saving you maintenance costs and reducing operating costs.
â—†Green environmental protection adopts Toyota's latest environmental protection technology to reduce the load on the environment, reduce exhaust emissions, reduce vibration, and further increase the regeneration cycle rate.

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