April 20, 2021

The largest fluidized bed drying furnace in the country is put on the market

Changzhou Dajiang Drying Equipment Factory in Jiangsu Province introduced the latest technology from abroad to produce the largest fluidized bed drying furnace in China and put it in bulk in the market.

The heat of the drying furnace is provided by a special built-in heat exchanger, and the heat exchange efficiency reaches 90%. The required amount of hot air is greatly reduced compared with conventional fluidized bed drying equipment, and its system power consumption and exhaust heat loss are reduced accordingly. The drying furnace fluidized bed system operates at a lower gas velocity than a conventional fluidized bed, which can effectively reduce the entrainment and uplifting losses of the material, and accordingly reduce the load on the dust removal system and reduce the environmental pressure. In addition, the drying furnace uses a special air distribution board to prevent leakage. The drying furnace is suitable for the drying of various materials such as ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, urea, sodium bicarbonate, ABS and the like.

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