May 07, 2021

Latest developments in screw pumps from Denver Hydraulic Energy Products

1. Screw pump (PCP) drive system for gas well water removal

Denver Hydraulic Energy Products (HEP) (Hydraulic Energy Products, Inc.) has developed a three-part gas well removal system that automatically removes water from gas wells, especially CBM wells. The system is self-monitoring and regulating, and can signal a warning if the drive rate is too high or too low. The system can be manually shifted by hydrodynamic heads and hydraulic power brakes.

The hydrodynamic head and motor drive system from HEP provides four torque ranges and connects the 11/4in pumping rod with a conventional friction clamp (threaded joint). The largest drive motor can support the column and 5000 ft water column pressure while producing 2000bbl or 4000bbl from the 2500ft well. The drive unit that requires no maintenance replaces the conventional packing box by rotating the part.

The system, combined with HEP's hydraulic power brakes, provides complete control of the back-spin and consumes energy through a safety brake. The system's drive unit can be mounted on a threaded joint to a three-way valve or to a flange that meets API8 bolt standards. Currently, this drive unit is available in two models: 12in3/rev and 26in3/rev. There are now 10 drive systems in operation, and it has been two years since the beginning, and no maintenance has been carried out during this period.

2. Liquid level monitor and controller

The patented liquid level controller from Applied Energy Products maintains the liquid level by calibrating and changing the drive speed of the downhole screw pump (PCP). For a particular well, it is calculated based on actual data and the amount of formation produced. The frequency of recalculation can be changed to meet varying well conditions. The liquid level control system (LLC) has two independent computers, one for collecting information or monitoring the formation water entering the casing to cause the liquid level to rise and fall, and one analyzing and issuing appropriate instructions to increase and decrease the hydraulic pump. A small amount of fluid that changes the speed of the downhole PCP. LLC maintains the liquid level between the lowest perforation (or user-defined height) and the PCP inlet height to maintain maximum gas production.

In order to adjust the required rate, the controller also provides a manual control mode, which is automatically operated when uncertainties occur. If the working range (high or low) is exceeded, the monitoring and data acquisition system will record the system performance in detail and send a signal. LLC has been installed in the operating well and has been theoretically proven but not yet on the market.

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