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Xiling Snow Scenic Area prohibits the provision of boiled water known as anti-visiting

Xiling snow scenic area prohibits the provision of boiled water known as anti-visit surface noisy diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-02-17

During the Spring Festival, a microblogging ban on the provision of boiled water in Xiling Snow Scenic Area attracted tourists' attention. The management of the Commercial Street in Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area in Chengdu posted a notice stating that it was forbidden to provide boiled water to tourists. Once discovered, the offender was fined a thousand and said that “there was an award for reporting”.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area. The staff member said that the scenic spot had contacted the management of the commercial street and cleared the previously posted notice. The other party stated that the reason why the business posted a notice was to avoid the tourists from throwing instant noodle boxes after using instant blisters and instant noodles. It is very inconvenient for the area to clean up rubbish.
Xiling Snow Mountain official microblogging official information on this release said: Commercial Street is Xiling Snow Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. outsourcing units, there is such a message affecting the interests of tourists purely commercial street business personal economic interests. However, our company has the responsibility of on-site supervision and management. Therefore, after learning of this news, the company processed the commercial street at the first time. In accordance with the purpose of serving tourists, the scenic spot has always provided visitors with free hot water (address: Yingxue Plaza Tourist Restaurant), visitors can use it 24 hours a day.
The reporter contacted the Commercial Street Management Office. A person in charge of surnamed Gao told the reporter that the current notice has been cleared up. The commercial street can still provide boiled water to tourists. "But it must be provided to old and sick, sick and pregnant tourists and visitors who make instant noodles." You have to go to the free water area of ​​the square (Yingxue Square).” The person in charge said that the water in the Xiling Snow Mountain was transported off the hill, and the cost was high, and it was difficult for visitors to eat instant noodles after eating here. Therefore, the management of the Commercial Street posted such a notice. He said that commercial streets are still providing hot water.
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Gravity Casting Parts

"Gravity Die Casting. A permanent mould casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a vessle of ladle into the mould, and cavity fills with no force other than gravity, in a similar manner to the production of sand castings, although filling cn be controlled by tilting the die."

Gravity Die Casting

Sometimes referred to as Permanent Mould, GDC is a repeatable casting process used for non-ferrous alloy parts, typically aluminium, Zinc and Copper Base alloys.

The process differs from HPDC in that Gravity- rather than high pressure- is used to fill the mould with the liquid alloy.

GDC is suited to medium to high volumes products and typically parts are of a heavier sections than HPDC, but thinner sections than sand casting.

There are three key stages in the process.

  1. The heated mould [Die or Tool] is coated with a die release agent. The release agent spray also has a secondary function in that it aids cooling of the mould face after the previous part has been removed from the die.
  2. Molten metal is poured into channels in the tool to allow the material to fill all the extremities of the mould cavity. The metal is either hand poured using steel ladles or dosed using mechanical methods. Typically, there is a mould [down sprue" that allows the alloy to enter the mould cavity from the lower part of the die, reducing the formation of turbulence and subsequent porosity and inclusions in the finished part.
  3. Once the part has cooled sufficiently, the die is opened, either manually or utilising mechanical methods.


  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Smoother cast surface finish than sand casting
  • Improved mechanical properties compared to sand casting
  • Thinner walls can be cast compared to sand casting
  • Reverse draft internal pockets and forms can be cast in using preformed sand core inserts
  • Steel pins and inserts can be cast in to the part
  • Faster production times compared to other processes.
  • Once the tolling is proven, the product quality is very repeatable.
  • Outsourced Tooling setup costs can be lower than sand casting.

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