July 30, 2021

Domestic car companies fully plan 2013 layout innovation into consensus

As the pace of New Year's Day is approaching, the annual production planning and layout of domestic auto companies has already been put on the agenda of senior executives. After experiencing the ups and downs of the auto companies in 2012, the layout of domestic auto makers in 2013 has also become a topic of increasing concern in the industry.

Although the current clear goals of domestic auto makers in 2013 have not yet reached the newspapers, from the information currently disclosed by various companies, we are still able to peek into these plans for companies that carry the future hopes of the Chinese auto industry.

High-level plan to launch future plans

For the domestic auto industry, every car manufacturer's future plans have become the focus of public opinion at the end of the year. In the period when the Chinese auto industry enters a slow growth period, the future planning of auto companies will undoubtedly move toward the domestic auto market. To a decisive role.

Recently, Dongfeng Nissan, which once created numerous sales miracles in the domestic automotive industry, held an executive forum in Qingyuan, which is less than 30 kilometers from its Guangzhou Huadu Dongfeng Nissan headquarters. It is understood that in this forum, Dongfeng Nissan executives planned a new chapter in the future development of the company, and the concept of “last mile” was also referred to by Ren Yong in this forum for many times.

“We cannot change from side to side. We can only stay ahead of the changes.” Ren Yong, for the future development of the company, said that compared to its competitors, Dongfeng Nissan has always pursued the realm of “quick fever and slow cooling”. In the face of a brand-new market in 2013, Dongfeng Nissan is in the manufacturing sector. Dongfeng Nissan allows suppliers to “build close to their own factories,” and aluminum liquids do not need to be converted into aluminum ingots. Aluminum liquids are directly supplied to the production line “zero distance aluminum”. It saves transportation costs, saves energy and protects the environment, and increases efficiency. "Now, unlike Dongfeng Nissan and all suppliers, unlike other companies, you have to reduce prices, but together analyze and look for improvement costs. That is, take our approach, constantly share the practices of many suppliers, and then tap to reduce costs. Opportunity is mainly to reduce costs through technology, not business, so that the benefits of suppliers can be guaranteed.” Ren Yong has a clear understanding of the future direction of development.

In fact, similar to Dongfeng Nissan's plan for the future, Che Yanhua, executive vice president of Jaguar China, recently said in an interview with the media that the future of Jaguar is full of expectations for the Chinese market. "Although this year's auto market is relatively sluggish, and some manufacturers have relatively more inventories, for Jaguar, inventory is still in short supply, and we will establish more cooperation plans with dealers next year to provide consumers with satisfactory models." In addition, Ye Yongming, general manager of Shanghai General Motors, once told the media that for SAIC GM in 2013, the sales target will be set at 1.45 million, at least 5%. By 2015, Shanghai GM will achieve the goal of 2 million vehicles. To achieve this goal, Shanghai GM must first discuss differentiated core competition.

Constantly innovate into the consensus of domestic auto companies

If the overall corporate plan is a strategy-level strategy, the innovative capabilities that are constantly mentioned by many car companies are the tactical ideology for the future of domestic car planning. Under the background of increasing competition in the domestic auto industry, the constant emphasis on innovation by auto companies may be to guarantee their respective advancement and development, as well as to the entire domestic auto industry.

In fact, in terms of corporate innovation, major domestic car companies have opened up their own different routes. In terms of e-commerce, Jianghuai Automobile, which touched the “net” for the first time in April this year, passed the B2C approach. Its AO-class car Yueyue official flagship store had reached 100 units per day and was hailed as “China’s first online sales vehicle”, causing extensive attention. Shanghai General Motors and the Pan-Asia Automotive Technology Research and Development Center (Guangde) were also officially completed in September this year. They will have world-leading and leading domestic comprehensive experimental facilities and advanced supporting facilities, which have been introduced domestically to fill the domestic trial roads. And a number of gaps in facilities.

"For Dongfeng Nissan, the pace of innovation in the past nine years has not stopped. In the "new decade" node, the production layout of several leading car companies in the industry have been completed one after another and product competition has become more intense, only downright. Only by innovation can we reach the upper floors.” A few days ago, at the executive forum, Ren Yong, the innovation of the company, expressed this. "The words that are completely down to the top refer to the degree of our innovation. Real innovation is leadership. It is unwilling to be mediocre. It is a realm of unstoppable silence. It is self-denial and the courage to go out of the habitual environment and way of thinking." Regarding “out-and-out innovation”, Ren Yong said that in the past, it was under an institutional model to consider how to strengthen communication. However, under the background that the company has grown to thousands of terminals and impacted millions of sales, the company’s operating system must be considered. Refactoring. The four major marketing area reforms started this year are very different in their processes and traditional practices. The transformation from a straight line function department to a matrix-structured system, and the development of a suitable matrix-style cooperation culture, can support the next larger scale. The growth and higher efficiency.

Mesozoic car companies lead the industry

In addition to the above plans, 2012 and 2013 are destined for an extraordinary year for many domestic joint ventures. Looking back at the years after China's accession to the WTO in 2002, many foreign car companies entered the joint venture, and ten years later, these joint-venture car companies that have already entered the Mesozoic era are leading the development of the Chinese market. At the turn of the decade, the planning for the future of these auto companies will undoubtedly influence the development direction of the domestic auto industry more or less.

As Dongfeng Nissan has already embraced the ten-year joint venture, "The Way of Excellence, the Law of Innovation, and the Technique of Change" have become the source of top-level design and innovation for Dongfeng Nissan. The senior management forum attended by senior management personnel is a concept baptism above the corporate strategy and an important part of Dongfeng Nissan’s future business plan. “Once we had nothing, only the ideal drive, we have done 'to concentrate, not a matter without heart, no one does not work hard', thus achieving a decade of miracles.” Looking back on the development of the decade, in the executive forum for the new decade Shang Yong said that in the future, Dongfeng Nissan will not simply be a joint venture with a Japanese background, but will also develop into a company with a complete local root in China.

The upcoming 2013 is an important node for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of BMW Brilliance. For the future development plan, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance, BMW Cars, said that BMW will have two major actions in China. One is the announcement of the joint venture's own brand, and the other is the introduction of the BMW i series. For the BMW i series that will be released next year, information from the media shows that this series includes the BMW i3, a purely electric vehicle, while the joint venture's own brand not only involves new energy, but will also be involved in the traditional models using energy-saving technologies in the future. "As the development of society depends on the backbone, the development of the domestic automobile industry depends to a large extent on the future planning of the car generation company of the Mesozoic generation." Insiders said that along with the continuous continuation of the slow growth period of the domestic auto industry, the market competition Increasingly, each car company will gradually send a more and more market trend information to domestic consumers, and it will also lead the domestic auto industry forward.

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