September 26, 2021

Weak current security monitoring installation technology focus

In the application of power, according to the strength of power transmission, it can be divided into two types of weak and strong. In general, weak electricity in buildings mainly includes low-voltage electric energy, such as safety voltage levels and control voltages that are stipulated by the state, such as control power supplies, standby power supplies for emergency lighting, and information sources that contain voice, images, and data, such as telephones. Television, computer information.
In the field of intelligent buildings, the degree of application of weak current technology directly determines the level of intelligence in buildings. Weak power projects include telephones, broadband, cable television, fire alarms, etc. The technical content is good, the construction is complicated, and the construction period is long, and construction workers are required to pay full attention to them.
The security system is mainly for the purpose of maintaining social and public safety, and uses intrusion warning systems, video security monitoring systems, and explosion-proof security inspection systems made of security products and other related products, or consists of these systems or weak electric engineering in buildings. In the application and construction of the security system, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure the effective functioning of the security system.
1, security system construction
The construction of the security system includes the following two aspects:
(1) Covert construction
The concealment works in the construction of security systems are mainly the construction of buried pipelines. In order to ensure the construction quality, during the construction process, excavation of ground trenches and laying of pipelines must be carried out in strict accordance with the design and construction drawings to ensure that the depth, elevation and direction of trench excavation meet the design requirements. The pipeline arrived to meet the relevant standards for construction.
In the installation of pipelines, construction control should be done to avoid quality problems such as exposed joints or twisted lines. At the same time, ensure that the total cross-sectional area of ​​the cable is more than 40% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the line pipe, and a protective ring is installed at the position of the nozzle to avoid The cable moves freely in the pipe. If laying the pipeline in the wall, it is necessary to fully consider the aesthetics and firmness of the wall, laying the pipeline in the non-load-bearing wall, while minimizing the distance of the pipeline and avoiding frequent bending of the pipeline.
In addition, we must do a good job in grounding construction and lap joint construction of the pipeline, and control the net distance between the wall and the pipeline to be 15mm or more. The pipelines of the security system should be arranged together with other pipelines in the ceiling, and the pipelines should be treated so as to avoid the phenomenon of crossover and to ensure construction quality.
(2) Security equipment installation
After the civil engineering construction is completed, installation of security equipment can be performed. Before installing the equipment, it must first be checked thoroughly to ensure that the equipment is in normal working condition. Then, according to the features and functions of the equipment, a reasonable selection of the installation location is made.
Take a camera as an example. Under normal circumstances, the camera is installed and fixed on the ground support. The function of some cameras is to inspect a larger area, and it should be installed on the head to ensure the openness of the field of vision and avoid Communication lines and other cameras block the camera. At the same time, the console and cabinet should be installed in accordance with the relevant specifications and design requirements to ensure the accuracy and robustness of the installation. It is also convenient for management and maintenance to ensure the normal functioning of the security system.
2. Acceptance of construction management
The construction of the security system involves multiple specialties and its content is very complex. Therefore, before the construction, the construction personnel should be fully familiar with the construction process and construction process, understand the key points and difficulties in construction, and coordinate the various professions. jobs.
At the same time, in the construction process, construction drawings should be checked frequently to find out the problems in time and reduce the rework phenomenon. After the construction is completed, the acceptance of the project must be well done and the construction quality of the project should be controlled to ensure the reliability and practicality of the security system. Once it is found that there are quality problems or performance problems in the equipment during the acceptance, it must be analyzed and handled in a timely manner to eliminate the potential quality problems in the security system.
To sum up, the application of security systems in the weak construction of buildings can effectively increase the level of intelligence and automation of buildings and ensure the safety of buildings. For engineering design and construction personnel, we must pay full attention to it, do a good job in the selection, testing and installation of security system equipment, do a good job in the management and acceptance of the security system, ensure the construction quality of the project, provide users with more security, and more Comfortable work and living environment.

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