October 23, 2021

·The first batch of passenger car safety standards for the Ministry of Communications was announced, and 58 models were selected.

On September 29, 2017, the Ministry of Communications publicized the first batch of “Safety Cars for Operating Passenger Cars”, including 8 brands of Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus, Ankai Bus, Suzhou Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, Xiamen Golden Brigade, Northern Bus, and Guilin Bus. Different models.
The details are as follows:

1.The punching piece is passed between the pressure roller and the abrasive belt, and the deburring process can be completed at one time.
2.The back surface of the abrasive belt is provided with a precision elastic pad and a wear-resistant pad, which forms the pressure difference and the abrasion reducing effect, thereby ensuring the deburring precision (2M53130 is a precision slotted rubber roller).
3.The workpiece feeding use variable frequency speed regulation, and the apply speed range is large for punching piece passed.
4.The axial direction is equipped with the anti deviation device controlled by the photoelectric switch, so that when the belt is rotated at high speed, the belt can not be off tracking, and the abrasive belt grinding and abrasion are uniform, thereby improving the service life and the durability of the abrasive belt.
5.The machine is equipped with a large capacity vacuum cleaner, which can remove the burr and dust in time, so as to ensure the operator's physical health and the cleanliness of the machine.
6.Both ends of the machine punching piece inlet and outlet are equipped with hydraulic lifting platform, convenient operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
7.The machine can also add delivery, unloading and conveying device at the front and back end, can be composed by punching →deburring→automatic painting line. 

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