October 22, 2021

Ministry of Agriculture: China's agricultural mechanization level has improved significantly

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] On September 29, it was learned from the China Net that the State Council held a press conference on the progress of agricultural and rural work since the 18th National Congress. Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said that modern agriculture has taken a new step and the level of material technology and equipment has increased significantly. The level of agricultural mechanization has been significantly improved. The comprehensive mechanization level of major crops has exceeded 65%. The wheat has basically achieved mechanization in the whole process. The mechanization level of corn and rice has exceeded 75%, which indicates that China's agricultural production methods have been used for thousands of years. The main force of human and animal power has shifted to a new stage dominated by mechanical operations.
The level of science and technology has been significantly improved, and the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress has exceeded 56%. This indicates that China's agricultural development has mainly relied on increasing investment in resources and entering a new stage of relying on scientific and technological progress. The level of improved seeding has been significantly improved, and the coverage rate of the main crops has been stable at over 96%. The proportion of livestock and poultry varieties and localization has also increased year by year. The scale of scale has been significantly improved, and various types of new agricultural management entities such as family farms, farmer cooperatives, and industrialized leading enterprises have flourished. At present, there are more than 2.9 million, and the proportion of moderate-scale land operations has reached 40%. The level of facilities has been significantly improved, and high-standard farmland with 500 million mu of drought and flood has been built. The effective irrigation area of ​​farmland accounts for more than 52%, and the facility agriculture exceeds 55 million mu. This shows that the situation of agriculture relying on the sky has changed significantly.

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