September 26, 2021

LED supply chain benefited from the development of the lighting market

As LED lighting demand increases, the LED factory's revenue share is expected to rise sharply, and related stocks also respond to the next year's boom, and the performance is improving. The supply of upstream sapphire is in short supply, the packaging factory owns the brand of light bulbs to sell synchronously, and the equipment factory restores orders under the clear demand. The LED supply chain is benefiting from the booming lighting market, performance and stock price.
The LED supply chain is benefiting from the sales of the lighting market. According to the latest bulb retail survey, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40 watts in the world in November 2013 fell by 2.7 to US$15.4, and the price of China’s double 11 promotion fell sharply by 20.6. The replacement of the 60-watt LED bulb fell 0.7 to $21.5. The arrival of the discount season at the end of the year will further push up the sales of LED bulbs. In 2014, the annual growth rate of LED bulbs will reach 86.
Optimistic about the LED lighting demand next year, Taiwan's Epijing faucet crystal first started to expand production, this month also spent 1.88 billion NT dollars (the same below), expanding the capacity of Xiamen, Shandong, and the largest sapphire substrate supplier of the company, Zhaoyuan, also Patterned sapphire (PSS) is in short supply, and it has once again traveled to Shandong to expand its production. It will follow the customer's footsteps to start Taiwan and mainland capacity expansion plans, and supply it before the industry peak season next year, and cooperate with Jingdian to cooperate with LED cutting and picking up Jiuyuan. It is also planned to expand production in Xiamen and Changzhou.
Not only the crystal power supply chain benefited, but also the mainland's Sanan Optoelectronics shares, the capacity has continued to increase this year, the monthly capacity has reached 320,000 at the end of the year, compared with 250,000 at the beginning of the year, the growth rate reached 28, expected next year LED market conditions Rongjing will upgrade the capacity utilization rate of the next year to 90, and strive to turn profit in the next season.
Analyst Wang Ting said that although the annual price reduction promotion of lighting manufacturers is a short-term behavior, it has a driving role in improving consumers' acceptance of LED lighting and product market share.
As the demand for LED lighting increases, the proportion of lighting revenue of LED factories is expected to rise sharply. Relevant stocks also react to the next year's boom. Among them, Yiguang has set a new high price since March 2012 at 67.5 yuan.

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