October 16, 2019

Carbon dioxide detector in all walks of life

Carbon dioxide detector is an instrument for detecting carbon dioxide content. In many fields, carbon dioxide is used. For property and personal safety, we need to use a carbon dioxide detector for calibration. This instrument integrates into every aspect of our lives, agriculture and animal husbandry. , industry and other industries.
In the narrow space of earthquake ruins, the carbon dioxide exhaled by survivors is enriched, and survivors can be searched through the CO2 volume fraction test. To this end, a carbon dioxide detection device designed for use on the site of a rubble was designed. Currently widely used carbon dioxide sensors include solid electrolyte sensors, infrared sensors, and the like. The solid electrolyte carbon dioxide sensor is a hybrid type carbon dioxide sensitive element with a built-in thermistor. Its advantages are small size and insensitivity to environmental temperature and humidity. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to warm up, and it usually takes 2 hours to reach stability. Therefore, it is not suitable for equipment that works in the field. This design adopts a non-dispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensor with no moving parts inside and no chemical reaction in the measurement process. The sensor has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high sensitivity, fast response time, good selectivity, and strong anti-interference ability.
Since carbon dioxide does not support combustion than air, covering carbon dioxide on the surface of a burning object can cause the object to cut off air and stop burning. So use carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent in firefighting. How to control the concentration of carbon dioxide in production? How to know if carbon dioxide leaks when used? The amount of leakage is directly related to human life safety. Therefore, carbon dioxide detectors must be used to detect the concentration and leakage at this time.
Carbon dioxide is also an indispensable gas in warehousing. In the past, grain was kept in a naturally ventilated environment for a long period of time. In order to make foods, fruits and vegetables, and other agricultural products get a longer preservation time, carbon dioxide gas is used today in technology development. Save it. Not only is it environmentally friendly and its nutritional value and taste remain the same, but also filling 20% ​​of carbon dioxide can suppress insect pests. Therefore, the CO2 detector plays an indispensable role in controlling the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in storage.
The application of carbon dioxide detectors will help our production and life. The carbon dioxide detector produced by Top Instruments is mainly used for measuring and analyzing the carbon dioxide around the plant, so as to understand the photosynthesis rate of the plant and promote the plant's Grow.

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