December 09, 2019

Ball mill selection example

Ball mill grinding equipment is the most widely used, in which the lattice-type and overflow type ball mill is a mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors most commonly used grinding equipment; Ball Mill Coal is mainly used to grinding various hardness of coal for thermal power plants The generator boiler and all relevant industrial departments prepare qualified pulverized coal fuel; the tube mill includes raw material grinding of grinding cement raw materials and cement grinding of various types of cement clinker, mainly used in cement plants, and can also be used in related The industrial sector grinds other materials.
At present, the ball mills produced in China are relatively advanced, such as pneumatic clutches, hydrostatic bearings, jet lubrication devices and wear-resistant cast steel liners, and are equipped with automatic control devices. At the same time, in the past 20 years, the ball mill has also been developed to a large scale. For example, the lattice type ball mills of one-weight and medium-weight production have diameters of 5.2m and 4m respectively, lengths of 6.4m and 6.7m, and diameters of overflow-type ball mills of 5.03m respectively. And 5m, length up to 8.0m and 8.53m; one-produced steel ball mill has a diameter of 3.8m and a length of 8.3m; medium and heavy-duty tube mills have diameters of 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.5m, and the length is up to 13m and llm. There are now dozens of specifications for ball mills. The degree of automatic control of the mill is also increasing. Despite this, domestic ball mills still have a certain gap with foreign advanced standards in terms of specifications and automatic control.
The specifications of the ball mill are expressed by the cylinder diameter x length. However, the model specifications of domestic ball mills are still not uniform at present. For example, Φ900mm×1800mm overflow ball mills are expressed as MQY90/180, MQY0918, MQY900×1800, etc. For grid type ball mills, some factories are wet or dry. The formula is expressed by MQG, some factories use MQS for wet type, and MQG for dry type; however, according to the text description, it can be clearly divided. The model specification of the heavy ball mill is relatively standardized.
The ball mills produced by each factory are introduced below.
1. Shen Ye plant is the focus of metallurgical machinery factory, production and grinding equipment for more than 40 years of history, design, manufacturing strength, full of different specifications, and its products rank in terms of quantity and quality have an important position.
The ball mills produced by the plant include dry lattice type, wet lattice type and overflow type ball mill, steel ball coal mill and tube mill, and are produced according to international standards, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, fire resistance, building materials, Industrial sectors such as electricity to grind ore, coal or other grindable materials of various hardnesses.
The factory can also design and manufacture other types of mills according to user requirements. It can also determine the appropriate specifications and design the best working conditions according to the ore samples and the output and particle size requirements provided by the users. The mill has no excess or no function and guarantees production and particle size requirements.
Both the wet type lattice ball mill and the overflow type ball mill use a combined feeder, which uses a double-spoon feeder when the diameter of the mill is larger than 3200 mm and a single-spoon feeder when the diameter is less than 3200 mm. Dry lattice ball mills, rod mills, tube mills and ball mills use chute or screw feeders, while others use drum feeders.
All types of mills use peripheral gear transmission. For motor power less than 400 kW, a wound or cage asynchronous motor is used, which is decelerated by a first-stage reducer and connected by a coupling. For motor powers greater than 400 kW, direct drive is used with a synchronous motor.
The main bearing of the mill adopts self-aligning to ensure the normal operation of the rotating part. The lubrication method is lubricated by oil spoon, oil ring and automatic oil station. All forms guarantee good lubrication. In addition to the rod mill, the bearings used in the mill are generally provided with cooling water channels to cool the water to ensure good working conditions of the bearings.
At the same time, the plant also applied the following advanced technologies to the mill:
(1) Pneumatic clutch. Pneumatic clutch is a new technology commonly used in ball mills all over the world. It has a smooth joint, no need to adjust the wear gap, large transmission torque, quick clutch, easy to control and remote control. The ball mill uses its full load to reduce the starting current, greatly reducing the impact on the grid voltage drop and mechanical losses, and at the same time can overload the insurance.
(2) Dynamic and static pressure bearings. Dynamic and static pressure bearings have been widely used on mills, which greatly reduces the starting current and reduces the installed power. Moreover, all the data of the dynamic and static bearing are optimized by microcomputer.
(3) 44 electric ear" - control the material level with sound. The ball mill is equipped with "electric ear" - the sound-to-electric signal device that controls the feeding with sound. It is connected to the feeding system, and the grinding machine can be controlled. The best grinding state.
(4) Wear-resistant cast steel liner. The plant high quality wear steel castings, which add high-manganese steel liner plate chromium, chromium and manganese silicon steel liner composite liner and other domestic leading position, and are free for users delivery. Their service life is generally about 40% longer than that of high manganese steel.
At the same time, Shenye also adopted advanced injection lubrication and PC control methods on the mill.
When the mill adopts the transmission form of the asynchronous motor with the reducer, there are four kinds of arrangement of inner right rotation, outer right rotation, inner left rotation and outer left rotation. When the synchronous motor directly drives the transmission form of the pinion shaft, only the left-handed and the left-handed Two arrangements of right-handed rotation. The direction of rotation of the mill is determined from the discharge end to the feed direction. The mill rotates clockwise to the right and counterclockwise to the left. The rod mill and tube mill for intermediate discharge are not included here. When ordering, the user should indicate the requirements for the direction of rotation, otherwise they will be made by right-handed or right-handed. The method for judging the direction of rotation of the ball mill and the steel ball mill is shown in Fig. 1. [next]
The equipment supplied by the factory includes the machine body, electric motor and low-voltage electric control device. The matching lubrication station or high-pressure oil station can make an order to the manufacturer according to the specific requirements and quantity of the equipment. The high-voltage control section is designed and supplied by the user.
The technical performance of the dry lattice type, wet type grid type and overflow type ball mill, steel ball coal mill and tube mill (cement mill) produced by the plant are listed in Tables 1 to 5, and the shape of the lattice type ball mill and the overflow type ball mill. The mounting base dimensions are shown in Figures 2 to 5 and Tables 6 and 7.
Table 1    Table 2 Table 5   Table 6   Table 6 continued   Table 7
  figure 2
    Figure 4
2. One heavy The mill produces a wide variety of mills with complete specifications and excellent quality. The ball mills mainly include wet grid type and dry type grid type ball mills, overflow type ball mills, steel ball mills and tube mills (cement mills), and their technical properties are listed in Table 9.
At the same time, the plant also produces advanced double-inlet and double-out direct-blowing steel ball coal mills, the technical performance of which is listed in Table 8.
Table 9    Table 9 continued
3. Zhongzhong The factory mainly produces overflow type and lattice type ball mills. Its main shaft adopts advanced dynamic and static pressure bearings with both dynamic pressure lubrication and static pressure lifting. The large ring gear adopts helical teeth and oil injection lubrication. The transmission is smooth and has an interchangeable overflow port and grid plate. The same size ball mill can be made into overflow or lattice type according to user needs. The structure of the mill is advanced and reasonable, safe and reliable in use, and high in efficiency. The arrangement of the transmission is divided into left and right, and the arrangement of the large ring gear at the discharge end or the feed end is different (Fig. 6). The user should indicate the arrangement of the transmission when ordering, and also indicate whether it is necessary to bring a lubrication and electrical control system. The overflow and lattice ball mills produced by the plant and their technical performance parameters are listed in Table 10. The outline and installation dimensions are shown in Figures 7-10 and Tables 11 and 12, respectively. In addition, Zhongzhong can also design and produce lattice and overflow ball mills of various specifications according to user requirements.
Figure 8
Table 10    Table 11
The Φ3200×5800 steel ball coal mill produced by the factory has advanced structure, safe and reliable use, widely used in thermal power plants to grind coal of various hardnesses, and prepare qualified fuel for coal-fired boilers – coal powder. The external dimensions of the machine are shown in Figure 11, the dimensions of the installation are shown in Figure 12, and the technical parameters are shown in Table 13.
Figure 11
At the same time, the plant also produces a variety of tube mills (cement mills, raw mills), which are characterized by compact structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and management, and can run continuously for a long time, with large production capacity and adaptability to materials. Strong; both dry and wet grinding, as well as drying raw material grinding; large crushing ratio, up to 300, and easy to adjust the fineness of the grinding products; good sealing, can prevent dust pollution Environment; there are two transmission modes, center and edge. Raw material grinding is used to grind cement raw materials, and cement grinding is used to grind various types of cement clinker. The medium and heavy tube mill and its technical performance are listed in Table 14.
4.Liaoyuan Heavy Machinery Factory (hereinafter referred to as Liaozhong) This factory is an important manufacturer of small and medium-sized ball mills in China. It has complete specifications and good quality. It mainly produces dry and wet lattice ball mills and overflow ball mills. Its technical performance Listed in Tables 15, 16 respectively, the external dimensions of some of the devices are shown in Figures 13, 14 and Tables 17, 18, respectively.
5. Heavy The company's sixth plant produces MQG dry lattice ball mill MQS wet lattice ball mill and MQY overflow ball mill. The main technical performance is listed in Table 19~21. According to the transmission mode, the ball mill can be divided into a belt reducer and a synchronous motor. The shape and installation dimensions of the various ball mills in the plant are shown in Figures 15-22 and Tables 22-28, respectively.
Table 19   Table 20   Table 21   Table 22   Table 23   Table 24   Table 25, 26   Table 27    Table 28 Table 29
6. Qunying The dry grid type, wet grid type and overflow type ball mill produced by the factory and their main technical performance are listed in Table 29.
7. The machine produces a variety of mills such as ball mills, cement mills, raw material mills, raw mills, wind sweeps, tube mills and coal mills used in cement plants, power plants and building materials departments. In Table 30, the outer dimensions of the reducer edge drive and the center drive mill are shown in Figures 23, 24 and Tables 31 and 32, respectively.
Table 30   Table 31   Table 32   Table 33
8. Jiang Mine The four ball mills produced by the plant and their technical performance parameters are listed in Table 33, the equipment outline is shown in Figure 25, and the installation base dimensions are shown in Figure 26.
Figure 26
9. Hengye The plant is one of the main ball mill manufacturers in southern China. The ball mill is more advanced, using pneumatic clutch, static pressure lubrication or static pressure starting, dynamic pressure lubrication, new bearing housing and gear cover sealing structure. The large mill is equipped with a slow transmission and a jacking device. There are various lining types, such as corrugated, strip and rubber linings, especially with angular spiral linings (Fig. 27). It has obvious energy-saving effect and can improve the fineness of grinding. It is suitable for fine grinding, so it is also called energy-saving mill. The various mills based on ball mills and their main features and technical parameters are listed in Table 34.
Table 34
10. Nanzhong The plant is an important grinding equipment manufacturing plant in southern China. It produces a variety of mills, including ordinary ball mills, rod mills and tube mills (cement mills). The dimensions of the Φ1500 series wet mill are listed in Table 35, the shape and transmission arrangement are shown in Figure 28, the installation dimensions are shown in Figure 30 and Table 36, and the technical performance and dimensions of the Φ1500 series dry mill are listed in Table 37. The shape is shown in Fig. 29, the mounting dimensions are shown in Fig. 31 and Table 38; the technical performance and external dimensions of the Φ2100 series mill are listed in Table 39, the outer shape is shown in Fig. 32, the mounting dimensions are shown in Fig. 33 and Table 39; Φ1500× The technical performance and dimensions of the 5700 cement mill are shown in Table 35, 36; the technical properties of the Φ1830×6400, Φ1830×7000 and Φ2200×6500 cement mills are listed in Table 41, and the outline and installation dimensions are shown in Figure 34 and Table 40, respectively; The technical performance of the series and 290 series ball mills are listed in Table 42, and the outline and installation dimensions are shown in Figures 35-38 and Tables 43, 44, respectively.
Figure 30   Figure 31   Figure 32   Figure 33   Figure 34   Figure 35   Figure 36   Figure 37   Figure 38
Table 35   Table 36   Table 37   Table 38   Table 39    Table 40, 41      Table 42
11. Other manufacturers' products
The technical performance of Nanchang heavy machine ball mill is listed in Table 45; the technical performance of various ball mills in Shen Mine is listed in Table 46~48; the technical performance of Yankuang ball mill is listed in Table 49, the technical performance of Baotou ball mill is listed in Table 50; Stone mill technology is selected in Shicheng The performance is listed in Table 51; the technical performance of various ball mills in Nan Mine is listed in Tables 52-54.
Table 45   Table 46   Table 47   Table 48   Table 49   Table 50   Table 51   Table 52   Table 53, 54
Table 55   Table 56, 57      Table 58
Xinhai Mining Machinery produces conical ball mills, wet and dry lattice ball mills and wet overflow ball mills. Their technical performances are listed in Tables 55~58.  
The conical ball mill mainly has four characteristics: 1 transmission adopts rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing, the friction is greatly reduced, the starting is easy, and the energy saving is remarkable; 2 the tapping end adopts the cone design, which increases the volume and forces the material and steel at the cone end. Ball grading, the closer to the exit, the smaller the diameter of the steel ball, the more repeated grinding effect; 3The grooved annular lining plate increases the contact surface of the ball and the ore, strengthens the grinding effect, and has a large lifting capacity for the ore, which reduces Energy consumption; 4 The whole frame is used to facilitate civil construction (construction of a cement foundation) and equipment installation.
Kunming Jinshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Machinery, former Dongchuan Mining Bureau Machinery General Factory) produces ball mills for metal mines, concentrators, cement plants, refractory plants, fertilizer plants, building materials plants, etc. The fine grinding operation of the grinding machine produced by the factory adopts the new material wear-resistant lining and new structure, which makes its performance more superior, and produces more than 30% of electricity saving. The cone ball mill adopts rolling bearing (Φ900~Φ1500) instead of sliding bearing. series. The technical parameters are shown in Table 59.
The technical parameters of the ball mill produced by Yantai Metallurgical Mining Machinery Plant (hereinafter referred to as "smoke mine") are listed in Table 60.
Heavy and heavy production of advanced MG type tube mill MQR type grinding machine, MT type barrel type coal mill, its technical parameters are listed in Tables 61~63.
    Table 59    Table 60, Table 61   Table 62   Table 63
The heavy-duty grinding machine is the main equipment in the pellet process. It treats materials with a water content of 8%~13%, so that the materials are thoroughly mixed and refined, and the surface area of ​​the material particles is increased. The use of the grinding machine can shorten the production process of pellets, save equipment energy consumption, and improve the quality of pellets and metal recovery, improve working conditions and environmental protection conditions, so it is rapidly promoted in the production process of pellets. . The working principle is that when the surrounding large gear drives the cylinder to rotate, the material is impacted by the grinding medium steel ball, and the ball between the ball and the ball and between the ball and the cylinder liner, so that the material fully exposes the fresh surface, and the Mix well and finally discharge the mill through the discharge hole and enter the next process. This kind of mill can effectively reduce the amount of bentonite added and increase the strength of green balls. The grinding mill has three main features on the basis of the ball mill: forced feeding, peripheral mining, and rubber lining.
The barrel coal mill is equipped with a jacking device, a screen unloading device, a slow transmission device and a high and low pressure lubricating oil station (for static and dynamic pressure lubrication). The jacking device is used to lift the rotating part of the coal mill during the main bearing inspection. The screen unloading ball device is used for the coal mill to periodically screen the steel ball and unload the steel ball. The slow transmission is used when the coal mill is inspecting and replacing the cylinder liner. The barrel coal mill has strong adaptability, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It is mainly used for grinding coal of various hardnesses in thermal power plants.
The ball mill produced by Shandong Metallurgical Machinery Factory (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Metallurgical Machine) includes: Φ1830×6400 and Φ1830×7000 center discharge ball mill, Φ1500×5700 dry type and Φ1512×1520 wet type lattice ball mill, Φ2200×7500 energy-saving ball mill, Φ500× 3900, Φ2100×3600 steel ball coal mill, Φ2200×6500 cement mill.
The ball mills produced by Zhengzhou Mine have Φ900mm series, Φ1200mm series and Φ1500mm series dry and wet lattice ball mills with more than 10 specifications, and Φ1800×7000 dry lattice ball mills.
Dahua Heavy Machinery produces 24 specifications of MQYG ball mill, 16 specifications of MG steel ball mill and 12 specifications of cement mill.
Sichuan Mine produces 13 specifications of Φ1500 series, Φ830 series and Φ2200 series ball mills.

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