October 22, 2021

What are the methods of detecting the touch line?

Brief analysis of the trolley wire detection methods are: 1. The trolley wire and the flexible cable must be phase-to-phase, and the insulation resistance between each ground must be greater than 0.5 MΩ.

Test method: Use a rocker test, or check the test record.

2. The distance between the center line of the slide wire and the actual centerline of the crane track and the horizontal or vertical distance between the brackets of the same slide wire must be consistent. The deviation value should not be greater than 1/1000, and the maximum should not exceed 10mm.

Inspection method: Measure or check the installation record.

3. The sliding wire is fixed and reliable on the insulator. The connection of the sliding wire is smooth and the sliding surface is strictly prohibited from corrosion. The connection between the sliding wire and the wire must be tin-plated or galvanized.

Inspection method: observation and inspection.

4. There are no cracks and defects in the insulator, and the gaskets between the cleaning and the bracket are complete. The brackets are flat, firm, evenly spaced and uniform in paint color. Connection bolt thread exposed nut 2 to 3 buckle

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