January 21, 2022

What are the characteristics of the shaker?

Shaker beneficiation is the process of separating the ore particles by density by the combined action of mechanical shaking and water flushing. The shaker is the main equipment of the re-election plant. Its remarkable feature is that the rich ore ratio is high. It is commonly used to obtain the final concentrate, and at the same time, the final tailings can be separated, which can effectively process the fine-grained materials. The upper limit of the selection granularity is 3mm If the lower limit is selected, the cassiterite and the black tungsten ore are available. 0.4mm It is used to select materials below 1mm . The structure of the shaker is complicated, the operation is not convenient, the productivity is low, and the plant area is large. These shortcomings are all being researched and improved.

According to the different ore particle size of the selected points, it can be divided into coarse sand shaker, and the treatment is larger than 0.5mm Ore and treatment 0.5 to 0 .07mm Fine sand shaker, and processing 0.074 ~ 0 .037mm There are three kinds of ore shakers for ore. The difference between them is mainly in the form of the bed to the strip.

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