January 21, 2022

Chu Sheng Garbage Truck Technical Specialist: Tires are accidentally damaged and worn out

Chu Sheng Garbage Truck Technical Specialist: Tires are accidentally damaged and worn out

Chu Sheng garbage truck technical commissioner Friendly reminder: tires have accidental damage and wear serious not to use, prone to accidents

In a recent accident, a fully loaded SUV ran out of control due to a puncture and rushed into the guardrail. Eventually a violent collision occurred, resulting in a complete disassembly of the car. Five people were killed in the car and five were seriously injured.

The car accident once again wakes up the alarm bell:

"Injured" tires resolutely stop using

“Injured” tires generally refer to the leaks that occur on the sidewalls of the tires. The roads taken by the owners in daily driving are more complicated, and thus the tying of the tires is inevitable. Xu Zongchang told reporters that the tire leakage is generally a positive leak hole can be repaired, repair can also be used normally, but if the tire sidewall or tire sidewall and the tire surface in the leak can not be repaired, Do not use it even if it is repaired.

Everyday traffic should always check whether there is any damage to the tires. For example, see if there are nails, cuts, etc. on the surface of the tire. If damage is found, repair it or replace it in time. If there are some stones in the tread groove, it should be removed in time to avoid deformation of the tire crown. In addition, do not let tires touch oils and chemicals.

Expired tires must not be used

Tires have a long service life and cannot be used again if the tire is out of date. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the tire is from 2 to 3 years or about 60,000 kilometers. The tire that has exceeded the service life or has been seriously worn should be replaced in time.

Change the tires at regular intervals

The tires will be replaced every time they are run. This will keep the tires evenly worn. Every time the vehicle travels 5,000 kilometers, it should do a tire exchange. Every time it travels 5,000 kilometers to 10,000 kilometers, it makes a four-wheel alignment to avoid abnormal wear of the tire. It is not allowed to install tires with different models or large differences between the old and the new on the same axis. The unbalanced wheel has exceeded the standard and high-speed swings will occur during high-speed driving, resulting in uneven wear of the tires, which is not conducive to driving safety. After the tire is repaired, it is necessary to perform dynamic balance detection and adjustment. The tire unilateral dynamic balance detection value should be less than or equal to 40 grams.

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It is important to check the tire pressure regularly

Perhaps we all know that tire pressure changes with the temperature, and winter tire pressure should be sufficient. If the tire pressure is insufficient, it is likely to cause a puncture. Xu Zongchang told the author that under normal circumstances, the chance of a flat tire with a broken tire is higher. If the tire is still running, it will deform the sidewall of the tire. After a long driving time, a lot of heat will accumulate inside the tire. , And the heat will eventually lead to changes in the tire's internal pressure, causing a puncture.

It is reported that the puncture accident caused by the tire loss accounted for almost half of the puncture accident. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner must develop a good habit of regularly checking the tire pressure in peacetime. The owner can purchase a tire pressure monitor and monitor it every one or two weeks. You can also visually check the tire pressure and see if the tire is deflating. The most reliable way is to go to the 4S shop once every two weeks or one month.

Chu Sheng garbage truck friendship reminds: The shelf life of plastic is generally about 5 years, and the service life of the tire is closely related to the use of methods, storage and other conditions, therefore, the car mainly pays close attention to their own tires, if there is a tire aging, accident Severe damage and wear should be promptly replaced.

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