January 21, 2020

What are the advantages of double cone rotary vacuum dryer?

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer, scientific design concept, new environmental protection effect, the biggest innovation is the double cone rotary vacuum dryer set mixing and drying as a whole, simplifying the working procedure, the internal structure is simple, the operation saves time and effort, the efficiency is greatly improved The cleaning difficulty is also greatly reduced, so it is widely sought after!

What are the advantages of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer?

First: It can reduce the chance of material contamination. It is worth mentioning that it is particularly suitable for the production of drugs with heat-sensitive materials. Because when vacuum drying is performed, more or less moisture present in the material can be vaporized to ensure the drying and neatness of the entire operation process.

Second: The double cone rotary vacuum dryer can also effectively avoid surface hardening during operation. In fact, this is because there is a relatively large pressure difference between the inside and the surface of the vacuum drying material. When the pressure gradient is applied to the action, the moisture is actively moved toward the surface and is very dry. The hardening on the surface can be avoided basically.

Taicang Zhanyin Porcelain Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, mature manufacturing technology, advanced equipment conditions, and perfect testing equipment. A sound quality management system. And passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, the company's products strictly implement the national standards, Ministry of Chemical Industry standards, industry standards and GMP requirements of design, production, manufacturing, inspection. Xu Xuan has more than 30 years of enamel firing experience and participated in the production of the first enamel double cone rotary vacuum dryer in China. And has been producing first-line guidance, teaching glass firing process.

The double-cone rotary vacuum dryer and other aspects are becoming more and more perfect with the continuous development of science and technology. The double-cone rotary vacuum drier will eventually enter into more businesses with its unique advantages and maximize the interests of the company.

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