January 21, 2020

Analysis of a New Type of High Pressure Air Source Car

Improvement of Gas Cold Secondary Line Joints . In the mid-changing section of the air-cooled auxiliary line, the gas in the saturated saturator tower is often entrained with a small amount of water mist. When mixed with the 300380e hot gas at the main heat exchange outlet, the joint is easily corroded and leaks. The solution is to use a jacketed fitting or use a stainless steel tee.

The gas source car is a special-purpose vehicle, which is a flowing gas source device designed to provide users with the required compressed gas. The general compression medium is air or nitrogen. The gas source car consists of a dedicated equipment compressor group and a delivery vehicle. The compressor units equipped in the domestic gas vehicles are reciprocating piston compressors or screw compressors; the reciprocating piston compressors have a wide range of gas supply pressure, and they can be applied from low pressure to high pressure, but the gas supply volume is small. However, the screw compressor has a large amount of air, but the pressure is limited to 2.5 MPa or less.

The new type of atmospheric high-pressure gas source car adopts a screw-piston series high-pressure compressor group, which combines the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, basically no wearing parts, stable operation, large pressure ratio, low temperature, and easy implementation. The advantages of atmospheric pressure and the advantages of high pressure discharge of piston compressors are currently one of the most advanced high pressure atmospheric compressor models in the world. This type of unit was only developed in the 1980s, and only a few companies in the country, such as the Austrian LMF.AG company, Germany's Bauer (BAUER.GMBH) company, and other production. In 1998, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute (original Machinery Industry Department Hefei General Machinery Research Institute) successfully manufactured China's first vehicle-mounted mobile screw piston tandem-type compressor unit.

Forging is a manufacturing process to shape the metal piece into desired shape by using hot working and hammer strength. 

In our forging workshop, we mainly manufacture the Forging Parts from processing way die forging and free forging

Forging is one of the oldest metalworking ways, it is more suitable for the metal pieces which require stronger than the equivalent cast and Machined Parts

Advantages of forging parts: 

  • Reduced chance of voids, better density
  • Improved micro structure
  • Continuous grain flow & Fine grain size
  • Greater strength
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Forging Parts

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