January 21, 2020

Piconizer application helps manage your iPhone space

iOS smartphone users need to spend a lot of photos using their iPhone and may be interested in a new device called Piconizer. Photos and videos have been developed to help you manage your iPhone and even make room on your iPhone when needed. If you happen to discover magnificent scenery, or experience an unforgettable moment, causing you to use your phone to take a photo or video, only know the space of your iPhone? This is more and more common, because our equipment is overflowing, digital memory is precious, this is the reason to create the Piconizer.
The Piconizer app is the first ever application and corresponding iOS device that allows you to easily and safely change your photos and videos from the camera roll, plug directly into the lightning connector, and a pocket-sized device. The device also includes a microUSB interface so you can easily download your photos and videos to your computer. Use apps to organize your photos and videos.

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