May 08, 2021

McPherson suspension

McPherson suspension

The McPherson Suspension wheel is also a suspension that slides along the kingpin but is not exactly the same as the candle suspension. Its kingpin is swingable, and the MacPherson suspension is swingarm and candlestick. The combination of suspension. Compared with the double wishbone suspension, the McPherson suspension has the advantages of compact structure, small front wheel positioning parameter variation when the wheel is beating, good steering stability, and due to the cancellation of the upper cross arm, The arrangement of the engine and the steering system brings convenience; compared with the candle suspension, the lateral force of the strut is greatly improved. MacPherson suspensions are used in the front suspension of small and medium-sized cars. The front suspensions of Porsche 911, domestic Audi, Santana, Xiali, and Fukang are MacPherson independent suspensions. Although the MacPherson suspension is not the suspension structure with the highest technical content, it is still a durable, independent suspension with strong road adaptability.

FURD produce 500kg hydraulic walk behind roller, 325kg single drum soil compactor, 285kg single drum compaction roller, and 200kg single drum vibration roller.

500kg walk behind roller with hydraulic controlled walking, hydraulic turning. Its compact design makes it perfect in the jobs on curbs and sides and in confined areas.

Walk-behind single drum roller

FURD single drum roller features:

-Light weight, easy to operate;

-Full hydraulic transmission, infinitely variable speed;

-Hydraulic motor driving;

Walk-behind Single Drum Roller

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