May 08, 2021

How to better promote the use of CBN knife (grinding tools)

CBN materials can be used for high-speed cutting or grinding, whether they are making tools or grinding tools, and can receive significant results such as improved product quality, improved processing efficiency, shorter cycle times, and lower processing costs. Therefore, in the processing, vigorously promoting CBN knives (grinding tools) is a powerful measure to improve manufacturing technology. However, if it is widely used, there are still many problems.

In order to better promote the use of CBN knives (grinding tools) in production, the following aspects should be done:

1. play CBN knife (mill) with Institute (the) leading role <br> <br> domestic manufacturers a lot of CBN materials, production is also a lot, but not many high-quality, CBN tool (mill) with the Less stable users. The main reasons for this are the lack of knowledge of the selection and use of expensive CBN cutters by the machining department. The CBN tools purchased are not effective, and they are afraid to invest in process tests under the conditions of economic tightening. In order to solve this problem, only the CBN Knife Institute's (institute's) active production units that are deeply involved in machinery manufacturing, choose weak points in production efficiency and quality, and have or can easily create CBN processing conditions, and negotiate with customers. Signed a joint development CBN application contract. The tool development unit is responsible for the free supply of CBN knives (grinding tools) for testing. The user is responsible for providing production tests under the conditions required for the tests. This has exerted a variety of enthusiasm. From the CBN quality selection to the tool manufacturing, it will be carried out at the optimal and fastest speed. From the preparation of the test conditions to the use, the user sees the achievement of the target value of the contract, and solves it without spending the test fee. Production problems are easily promoted. The tool institute (the institute) can also gradually recover profits in the future supply. As long as the two sides maintain reciprocity and mutual benefit, the collaboration relationship will be further consolidated. Our factory is using this method to develop many new technologies with a number of research institutes (schools).

2. To realize the joint development of three points and one line , namely CBN - tool manufacturing - users or CBN and tool manufacturing - machine tools - users to jointly develop CBN applications for many reasons, such as CBN quality, content, brand specifications Whether the binder and the like are suitable for the processing of boron cast iron. As for the grinding effect of CBN grinding tools, there are more factors, in addition to the quality of their own raw materials, ratio and abrasive manufacturing technology, as well as the use of conditions and technology. Such as grinding speed (application of high-speed grinding speed), good rigidity of the grinding machine, no vibration, automatic fine feed and trim compensation mechanism, proper grinding parameters and coolant, etc. These are important factors that complement each other and rely on Work together to improve the quality of their own products and promote each other, so that CBN tools and special equipment can be successfully used for production.

3. actively CBN tool (mill) with the manufacture and use of technology research <br> <br> user wishes to use an effective and practical tool of CBN, therefore, it requires tools manufacturing units, in addition to improving manufacturing technology CBN tools as soon as possible, but also To establish a clear identification standard and method for the quality of products, and to distribute certain performance parameters, such as the CBN content of the tool and the brand, the hardness of the grinding tools, and the accuracy and concentration of CBN, etc. Based on this, production and use tests are conducted in order to give full play to users. The production experience compares and analyzes the machining results obtained with different cutting parameters and coolant, so that the CBN tool is qualitatively improved. The scope of application of CBN tools, the use of conditions and the application of technical support (such as equipment, coolant, etc.), users can correctly select and use CBN tools.

4. Users need to raise awareness of product quality and have the courage to improve manufacturing technology. The 21st century is a high-tech era. Products must have high-performance, high-quality and only have markets, and companies can have vitality. Therefore, the level of manufacturing technology should be improved as soon as possible, and the promotion of the use of CBN tools to improve manufacturing technology is a powerful measure. This not only requires the strong support and support of the competent authorities, but also gradually and systematically promotes the technical support of CBN tools. Use, but also requires users to be brave to accept new materials, new technologies, change the old production concepts and management methods, that is, the cost of the knife (wear) equipment is very low, only about 1/100 of the cost of the product, not To improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, this will limit the application of high-quality and efficient knife (grinding) tools and the production of advanced equipment. Practice has proved that the effectiveness of CBN knives (grinding tools) can not only improve the processing quality of products, but also increase economic efficiency.

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