May 08, 2021

Drug Testing Vehicle

Drug testing vehicle leechdom inspection vehicle
Equipped with a drug identification device and the like, it is used for the detection of the flow of drugs for the special van-type car.

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    Pyrolysis Machine is new patent non-pollution process machine,  mainly for treat many kinds of waste solid,  Waste tyre, waste rubber, waste plastic, waste PMMA, sludge oil ..etcmany kinds of waste soild  pyrolysis to oil and slag.  the oil can be used for heating furnace oil. 

   Pyrolysis machine can be batch and continuous working.

  batch capacity can be 5Tpd, 6Tpd, 8Tpd, 9Tpd, 10Tpd, 12Tpd, 15Tpd,

  Continuous capacity can be 10Tpd, 20Tpd, 30Tpd, 40Tpd, 50Tpd. 

Pyrolysis Machine

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