June 22, 2021

Laizhou high pressure granulation manufacturers are full of information on the market

In recent days, the market price of high pressure granulation in Laizhou was temporarily stable, and EVA granulation was reported at around 7,100 yuan/ton. White transparent high-pressure granulating first-class newspaper 7100-7300 yuan / ton, the ordinary one reported 6800-6900 yuan / ton, secondary material reported 6300-6500 yuan / ton. Special material is reported at 7,600 yuan/ton. Scrap granulation was reported at around 8,000 yuan/ton. Titanium color particles reported 5400-5800 yuan / ton. Black granulation reported 4800-5500 yuan / ton. I heard that some downstream manufacturers are currently preparing for post-production, there is a small amount of intent to make up, and supported by the cost, businesses are currently bullish attitude is more concentrated.

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