July 30, 2021

Hande Company commends and rewards after-sale quality improvement in 2008

Recently, Hande Company held the commendation of the after-sales quality improvement achievement and the second round of the project initiation meeting. It commended and rewarded the after-sale quality improvement results in 2008, and officially launched the company's 2009 post-sale project improvement work. General manager Wang Zhanchao and other company leaders and related project personnel attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Wang Yifeng, deputy general manager.

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Wang Yifeng summed up the progress of the after-sales improvement project in 2008, and deployed the after-sales improvement work in 2009; Wang Zhanchao, the general manager made an important speech and asked the various project teams to pay close attention to the market situation in 2009 and closely follow the target plan. We will make full use of information resources to effectively and efficiently carry out after-sales quality improvement work. We hope that the project teams will continue to make persistent efforts to promote the second round of improvement activities in 2009 and achieve even greater results again.

In 2008, Hande Company set up related improvement projects for after-sales failures, and carried out collective research and discussion in light of information collection, cause analysis, proposed measures, and evaluation implementation, and encouraged the company's technical staff to focus on the new market situation and give full play to the team spirit. , Actively innovate and work hard to solve problems, achieved remarkable results in the areas of market development, research and development of new products, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and exploration of service-oriented manufacturing models.

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