July 30, 2021

Development and innovation of the machine tool industry

The manufacturing industry is the guarantee for industrialization. China's power supply, transportation, housing, water conservancy systems and other projects have been carried out on a large scale. There are also many major projects under construction in aerospace, railway, highway and water diversion projects. And waiting to be implemented, these projects require our manufacturing industry to provide advanced manufacturing equipment. However, the current situation of China's equipment manufacturing industry is worrying. China needs to import 140 billion US dollars of goods each year, 70% of which are used to purchase foreign production lines and mechanized and automated equipment for various industrial and agricultural and service industries.

Over the years, the backwardness of numerical control technology has greatly affected the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The role of numerical control technology in the equipment manufacturing industry is like the role of CPU in the computer IT industry. It is the core of advanced manufacturing equipment. It marks the technical level and capability of a country's manufacturing industry. It is not only the key technical equipment for the modernization of the national defense industry, but also the international technology. And the important composition of commercial trade, Western industrialized countries not only regard CNC machine tools as an important export product with high technology added value and high profit, but also always listed high-performance CNC machine tools as strategic materials, and adopted technical blockade and restrictions on China. policy. During the Sixth Five-Year Plan period, China tried to purchase CNC technology from abroad, but it was not available as a core high-tech CNC technology. What we sell to us abroad is backward technology. We can not only master the core technology, but also the market, and also make the CNC companies carry heavy debts.

China's numerical control technology and numerical control industry are lagging behind, and the market share of domestic CNC machine tools is declining year by year. In 2001, the import value of CNC machine tools in China increased. According to statistics, from January to September 2004, 18,573 CNC machine tools were imported, with an amount of 1.705 billion US dollars. Compared with the previous year, CNC machine tools increased by 15%, while the amount increased by 40%. The number of CNC machine tools accounted for 42.4%, the value accounted for 70.7%, the economic CNC machine tools accounted for 57.5%, the value accounted for 28.1%, the advanced CNC machine tools accounted for 0.1%, and the value accounted for 1.2%. If the core components of the machine tool and the high-value-added numerical control system all adopt foreign systems, China's machine tool industry is only a "processing center and assembly center" for foreign products, and certainly cannot be said to be a "manufacturing center."

Faced with the development of China's CNC technology and manufacturing industry, experts are calling for, if this situation continues, China's CNC machine tool manufacturing industry will fall back from the development to imitation, from imitation back to assembly, from assembly back. The situation of imports has brought the manufacturing industry back to the repair industry.

CNC technology is a high-end technology that integrates multiple disciplines. China's numerical control technology and its industry have experienced the introduction of the "Sixth Five-Year Plan", the digestion and absorption of the "seventh five-year plan", the independent development of the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and the industrialization of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", which laid an important role for the development of China's CNC industry. The basis, but the numerical control technology industry has not been able to get rid of the predicament, the main reason is the lack of independent innovation of technology, technically emulating foreign countries will be subject to people, it is difficult to fight.

Huazhong CNC develops with innovation and has developed a road of independent innovation of CNC technology: using industrial microcomputer as a hardware platform, through software innovation, it has achieved breakthroughs in high-performance CNC technology, and developed high-performance Huazhong high-performance intellectual property. CNC system. This new CNC system based on computer open architecture is compatible with various CAD/CAM/CAPP resource software, easy to upgrade, with 4-channel, 16-axis control, 9-axis linkage mechanism control capability, original SDI five-coordinate The direct surface interpolation technology is the first in the world, and also has a network function, which can realize remote control operation and remote fault diagnosis. These achievements represent the mainstream development of CNC technology in the world. It marks that China's high-performance CNC technology has entered the world's advanced ranks, and thus won the second prize of the 2001 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

From the technological breakthrough to the realization of industrialization, from the technological advantage to the advantage of market competition, the key is to transform the enterprise mechanism. Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise established by Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Due to the influence of campus culture, limited investment and lack of market and industrialization experience, the initial development is still slow. It is the national debt reform project of the National Development and Reform Commission, which has prompted Huazhong CNC to go out. The campus has brought about a new transformation of ideas and mechanisms: (1) The company has a deeper understanding of industrial development, more market concepts, and strengthened competition awareness. The company has established a new image and a new look.

When customers come to the company, they not only have a good impression on the company's production conditions, quality system and industrial scale, but also have a sense of industry-wide recognition and trust, and the company's reputation has been greatly improved; (2) the management of the company is smoother. The company is people-oriented, has established a modern enterprise system, clarifies the relationship between property rights, and implements the backbone shareholding; (3) In terms of mechanism, Huazhong CNC takes the market as the center and adopts the operation mode of “two ends, the middle is outside” to guide product development with the market. With the leading technology to occupy the market, the research and development adopts the interactive mechanism of coordinated development of production, study and research, and establishes a product R&D team that cooperates with the CNC Engineering Center of the school to always grasp the commanding heights of technological development.

Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. is based on innovation and firmly grasps the initiative of industrial innovation in innovation and success. It is also driven by the opportunity of national debt projects, transforming enterprises from the inside to the outside, and transforming them into modern enterprises that adapt to the market. From here, the prelude of Huazhong CNC to scale industrialization has also been opened.

It is precisely because of the importance of numerical control technology to China's manufacturing industry and the recognition of Huazhong CNC's independent technological innovation capability, the State Planning Commission has chosen to give support to the Huazhong CNC National Debt Project. The investment of treasury bonds timely met the needs of the development of CNC industrialization in Huazhong, not only brought the brand effect, but also played a guiding and driving role for social funds. The government bonds invested 10 million yuan to guide enterprises to socialize financing and bank loans 7000. More than 10,000 yuan, attracted the first machine tool factory in China, Beijing No. 1 Machine Tool Plant to invest in shares, to ensure that the project funds are in place.

After more than one year of construction, Huazhong CNC has built the largest and most advanced CNC industrial base in China. The base construction area is more than 10,000 m 2, and a high-performance CNC system production line, advanced R&D center and quality inspection center have been built. The production capacity of a high-performance CNC system. Its completion has enabled China's CNC system to have the ability to compete with foreign products.

With the construction of the national debt project base, Huazhong CNC is committed to enterprise development and market development, and has made continuous progress in production capacity, product quality assurance, corporate culture construction, internal standard management, etc., and successively launched the “Century Star” CNC system. The digital communication servo drive and other high-tech products started the marketing strategy of “fully entering the main engine factory and continuously expanding the hatchback position”. From 2000 to 2001, the sales income was 55.49 million yuan and the profit was 8.87 million yuan. In 2004, the company achieved a leap. Development, the annual contract signed 210.48 million yuan, the total production value of the whole year has reached 148.35 million yuan, a total of 2,447 sets of Century Star CNC system, 6110 drive type 16 drive. In 2005, Huazhong CNC sales revenue and output nearly doubled.

(1) Enter the main engine factory and compete with foreign manufacturers for the host supporting market. Major domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers, such as Beijing No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Beijing Electromechanical Institute, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant, Dalian Machine Tool Plant, Baoji Machine Tool Plant, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Qinghai More than 40 companies, such as a machine tool plant, have begun to use or try out the Huazhong high-performance CNC system in batches. Huazhong CNC and Changjiang Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan Machine Tool Plant and Hanchuan Tool Factory jointly developed CNC non-circular gear inserting machine, CNC broach grinder, CNC high-precision turntable and other products to fill the domestic gap and adjust the structure of traditional mechanical products. And technology upgrades have contributed.

(2) Provide demonstrations for transforming traditional manufacturing industries with high-tech equipment. Huazhong CNC applies high-tech CNC technology to key enterprises in China's manufacturing industry, such as Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company, 061 Base, Jiangsu Changchai Co., Ltd., Changjiang Power Group, Wuchang Shipyard, Great Wall Aluminium companies and other enterprises have transformed more than 300 large and medium-sized old machine tools, and trained a large number of CNC talents for enterprises.

(3) Breaking the foreign blockade with independent innovation of high-tech CNC technology. The five-coordinate linkage numerical control technology is a high-end key equipment urgently needed by China's national defense, military, and shipbuilding industries. It is still listed as a technical blockade and control export. In 2000, Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. applied for the import license of the five-axis numerical control system to the foreign government twice through the foreign economic and trade department, and did not obtain the approval of the western countries. Later, it cooperated with Huazhong CNC to develop the five-coordinate linkage gantry equipped with the Huazhong CNC system. Milling machine XK2316/3-5X, the successful development of this machine tool has attracted attention at home and abroad, won the "Bronze Award" of the 6th Shanghai International Industry Fair, and was highly praised by Chen Liangyu, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission. China's famous military industrial enterprises have pre-accepted the machine tools and ordered one.

This is the first time that China's military industrial enterprises have ordered five-axis linkage high-end numerical control equipment for national production.

At the beginning of 2002, Wuxi Shenlong Lollin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. ordered two 5-axis linkage XK716-5 CNC milling machines and one four-axis linkage XK715-4 CNC milling machine with Huazhong CNC system to Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. 1/2 to 1/3 of foreign similar products, used for the manufacture of large impellers and various turbochargers. After the equipment is in place, it runs 24 hours a day. 623 pieces of complex profile parts were processed in 2 years, and the effective working time reached 12240h (XK715-4) and 10620h (XK716-5). The reliability and stability of the system were tested and brought directly to the enterprise by 13 million yuan. Economic benefits. Because the equipment service is cheaper than foreign equipment, the cost of spare parts is low, and the users are very satisfied. In January 2005, the user ordered another XK2314WJ/5X five-axis linkage gantry milling machine with Huazhong CNC system to Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. participates in the CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. with the five-coordinate linkage technology, and jointly undertakes the “Seven-Axis Five-Linked Turning and Milling Compound Machining Center” of the State Planning Commission High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project; Huazhong CNC and Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Propulsion Plant cooperates and undertakes the National 863 Project. It is developing a seven-axis five-link vertical vertical turning and milling combined machining center for processing 6m marine propellers; cooperating with Guangdong Machinery Research Institute and Dongguan Humen Yueji Electronics Co., Ltd. to jointly undertake Guangdong Province A major scientific and technological project to develop a four-generation CNC system supporting the six-axis linkage of the Chinese medieval star.

The main tasks of China's high-end CNC system industry are: make every effort to mobilize all aspects of power, dispel the users' doubts about the domestic CNC system, and quickly increase the market share of domestic high-end CNC systems. The government and industry can give strong support. The specific measures are as follows: (1) At present, the international CNC system industry has a new market development model: the CNC system factory provides OEM products for the hardware and software basic platform of the CNC system to the machine tool factory. The machine tool factory develops the process based on this. The unique numerical control application software forms a CNC system product and brand with its own characteristics.

(2) It is recommended that the state increase the support for the industrialization of domestic CNC systems, and support the industrialization technology of CNC systems (such as large-scale production process technology, reliability technology, numerical control system performance evaluation technology) to tackle the problem; Sexual application demonstration project, through the state investment, in the key industries, key enterprises continue to carry out the reliability assessment and application demonstration of the domestic CNC system; it is recommended that the state introduce policies in key areas (such as military industry, major equipment manufacturing, education The government procurement bidding project for the construction of training bases, etc., shall not specify the use of foreign CNC systems, but the domestic CNC system shall be preferred.

(3) The VAT refund policy has played a significant role in promoting the development of domestic CNC machine tools.

It is recommended that the state implements a two-way return and “immediately return” policy for the numerical control system production enterprises to implement a tax rate exceeding a certain proportion. The return part is used to support the technical research and development of CNC system manufacturing enterprises; it is recommended that domestic CNC system enterprises reduce key import yuan. Device tariffs and import VAT, reducing costs for development.


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