September 26, 2021

Why should I install a residual pressure monitoring system in the fire room front stairwell?

When a high-rise building is in a fire, the smoke-proof stairwell is a vertical evacuation passage for the insiders of the high-rise building. For a smoke-proof stairwell, a fire-fighting elevator front room or a combined front room that does not have natural smoke exhausting conditions, a reasonable mechanical air supply system is provided to prevent the spread of smoke to the stairwell and the front room, and to ensure the smooth evacuation of personnel in the building. Indispensable smoke prevention measures. However, overpressure in the area of ​​the pressurized air supply system is very dangerous. The pressure in the front room or stairwell is too large, and it is difficult or impossible to open the door to open the door, which affects the safety evacuation of personnel.
Residual pressure monitoring system
A central principle in the design of building fire protection facilities is the evacuation and escape of personnel, the smoke generated by fire, and a large amount of toxic, hazardous substances and inhalables. Therefore, the smoke in the disaster field, high temperature and lack of oxygen, low visibility, difficulty in people's escape, and a few minutes of exposure, can cause death. Therefore, it is necessary to set up smoke prevention facilities in the escape route of personnel, the place where work is short-term, and the special protection zone. The whole purpose of the residual pressure monitoring system is to maintain the residual pressure value of the stairwell and the front room to maintain the national standard range, block the entry of harmful smoke, ensure the normal opening of the fire door, and ensure the smooth passage of the life passage.
Le Bird strictly follows the national standard GB50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" and "Technical Specifications for Building Smoke Control System" to develop LNE residual pressure monitoring system . The system is an intelligent system integrating industrial computer technology, communication, anti-electromagnetic interference, digital sensing technology and industrial field bus control technology. It can perform 24-hour real-time automatic inspection on the working state of the residual pressure of the evacuation channel. The residual pressure in the abnormal state gives an alarm prompt. In the event of a fire, the system can automatically regulate the air supply volume of the mechanical pressurized air supply system, or remotely control it at the control center.
Fire safety construction is about everyone. For the construction of smart cities, fire safety construction is a top priority. How to build an intelligent fire safety system to make it fit the development of smart cities is a problem that city managers must consider.

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